Fall Guys Developers Send An Oddly Sexual Gift To Players For Free

The Fall Guys developers have come under scrutiny after a new bug has caused random in-game purchases for players, and now they have apologized with an odd sexual gift.

By Jason Collins | Published

fall guys

Following the last week’s reports of Fall Guys players complaining about accidental purchases, which luckily caught the attention of Mediatonic, the game’s developer, the company began issuing refunds to the affected players. However, following a heated internet discussion about whether the issue with accidental premium purchases is a bug or not, Mediatonic extended their apology by sending a new in-game costume — which decidedly resembles the point of contention in the new Street Fighter 6 trailer.

As reported by Kotaku, Mediatonic is currently offering refunds to its customer base affected by the accidental purchases bug that plagued the in-game store for the past few days. In response, the company issued refunds and sent all active players a new, taller-looking, and very suggestive Fall Guy skin. The new skin is ranked as legendary and aptly named Grandis — a variation of the Long Guy skin that changes hue depending on the selected beans’ color theme, which is a nice addition to the game.

As if the Long Guy skin wasn’t suggestive enough, the company has now released Grandis, which wouldn’t have caught that much attention was it not for the company’s tweet announcing the skin, suggesting that all players have a “BIG surprise” waiting in their respective inventories, accompanied by an equally suggesting shadow of Grandis towering over your typical Fall Guys bean. Of course, Twitter residents didn’t waste any time pointing toward what we all might expect they would, stating that the shadowy figure resembles a penis.

Some have even used a sensitive content filter to joke about the Grandis’ appropriate size while the entire community sits behind their screens firing d*** jokes across the platform. Besides the incredibly ridiculous Grandis, the company stated that its developers are currently working on the Fall Guys in-game store, implementing improvements that would stop future accidental purchases from happening. Additionally, Mediatonic stated that all refund requests for cosmetics from June 21, 2022, will be honored during the in-game store upgrade.

The developers of Fall Guys have concluded their Twitter statement by saying that the company is giving everyone a Grandis — and we suspect that Mediatonic employed a carefully selected wordplay in response to the latest criticism of the company regarding the bug. For those that aren’t familiar with what exactly went down between Mediatonic and their customer base, a vast number of players started complaining about accidental purchases with the game’s premium currency.

These purchases would happen when Fall Guys players would open an in-game premium item for a mere preview, which would trigger a purchase without the player’s input. Of course, this angered the fans, who were charged without any purchase confirmation request. To make matters worse, one player got in touch with Mediatonic customer support regarding the accidental purchase, followed by the staff member’s replay that all accidental purchases still counted and thus aren’t eligible for refunds.

This is entirely okay; people should refrain from giving their phones to nosy nieces and nephews, who, presented with the opportunity, might be tempted to purchase in-game cosmetics. However, it’s entirely unacceptable when an in-game store decides to sell you the item for real-life currency without your consent. Fall Guys developer later acknowledged that the bug is on their end of things and has issued an apology, refunds, and a Grandis to the active player base.