Halloween TV Series Reveals New Timeline

By Matthew Flynn | Published

halloween tv series

Based on the classic slasher films, a Halloween TV series is being developed by Miramax Television in collaboration with Trancas. As producers hunt for a cast and head writer, they have established their creative vision — an expansive cinematic universe, bridging both the television and film spaces. With the creators considering Halloween Ends as a fitting end to the story, rather than continuing that tale, the events of the TV show will be going back to the era of the original 1978 film.

Going Back To The Beginning

halloween tv series

The Halloween TV series will strive to be a tribute to the franchise’s roots. The TV series will spotlight characters from the original film, including some that have been neglected in more recent adaptations.

Marc Helwig, Miramax’s Head of Worldwide Television, said of the series, “It’s a creative reset completely and going back to the original film, as opposed to spinning out of any of the more recent film adaptations.”

No Release Date Yet

halloween tv series

While the release date of the Halloween TV series and the start of production are yet to be announced, the team at Miramax Television is rapidly advancing with the project. It’s clear that this show is high on their priority list.

Michael Myers

One of the most infamous slashers to ever tear up the silver screen, Michael Myers embodies pure terror throughout the Halloween franchise (aside from Halloween III). Committed to a sanitarium as a child after the chilling murder of his sister, Michael later escapes to terrorize the sleepy town of Haddonfield, Illinois with his relentless killing spree, the primary focus of this horror series. The Halloween TV series no doubt hopes to deliver similar chills.

The Franchise Cast

Immortalized by a cast of incredible actors, the Halloween franchise hosts a number of noteworthy performances. Jamie Lee Curtis brings to life the character of Laurie Strode, one of Michael Myers’ recurring victims, and lends her acting prowess to several films under the franchise’s name.

Donald Pleasence’s role as Michael Myers’ determined psychiatrist, Dr. Samuel Loomis, anchors the series with tension and suspense, his character’s quest to stop the unstoppable killer a riveting subplot. Other actors such as Danielle Harris and Paul Rudd have contributed to the franchise’s longevity, helping to solidify Halloween as a titan within the horror genre. The Halloween TV series has some big shoes to fill in its cast.

Halloween And Its Follow-Ups

The Halloween franchise dates back to 1978 with the premiere of the original film. While the franchise is long-lived — and the Halloween TV series promises to extend its life even further — critics and audiences alike have harbored mixed feelings about the films.

The original movie garnered much praise, setting the bar intimidatingly high for its successors, which have since been met with a spectrum of responses from acclaim to disdain. The Rob Zombie remakes, in particular, have ignited fierce debate among fans, with some lauding their edgy, brutal reinterpretation, and others decrying their departure from the franchise’s original essence.

Despite these divisive opinions, the earning power of the franchise remains undiminished, boasting a staggering worldwide gross of over $884 million. Evidently, Halloween’s hold on the horror genre is as enduring as Michael Myers’ reign of terror, which should bode well for the success of the Halloween TV serie