No Man’s Sky Gets Extremely Star Trek Update

By Jason Collins | Published

No Man's Sky

Gaming crossovers are plenty of fun because fandom gets to experience their favorite characters in an entirely new setting. That kind of thinking got us some priceless classics, like Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, Heroes of the Storm, and Super Smash Bros. Of course, Fortnite reigns supreme in this category. But there are also games that dare to take pages from other titles’ books, incorporate their known elements into their own setting, and still manage to come up with something genius. For example, it seems that No Man’s Sky took some Star Trek elements for its recent update.

As reported by Kotaku, the most recent No Man’s Sky update, titled Endurance, is the latest in the series of updates that have dramatically improved the game over its six-year running course. The update is loaded with several additions to the game, including the complete overhaul of your space armada, allowing gamers to live in and explore their ships more broadly. However, considering that the game’s roots drew inspiration from sci-fi classics like Star Trek, it isn’t all that surprising that some of the spaceships in the new No Man’s Sky Star Trek update resemble USS Enterprise.

Of course, Star Trek isn’t the only franchise that had a heavy influence on No Man’s Sky, which is a widely popular game by all accounts. Some elements of Battlestar Galactica are also present, as seen from the depictions of massive freighter and frigate star ships present in the new No Man’s Sky Star Trek update. The previously mentioned improvements include a new ship bridge that now offers instant access to warping and teleportation for better navigation through the in-game universe.

Gamers can also build bigger freights by adding exterior sections to the existing hull of the ship, as well as new plant growing and manufacturing facilities and the ability for ships to analyze the planets from space. The 20th major update commonly referred to as the No Man’s Sky Star Trek update by the fandom also brings additional expedition- and combat-focused missions with a more objective-based approach to completion.

Apart from adding missions and expanding the ships, the new No Man’s Sky Star Trek update is also making improvements and expansions to the game’s already existing universe. It brought more variety to the asteroids’ appearance and the appearance of asteroid fields, with the addition of several new black holes and nebulae across the universe. Endurance is a highly-welcomed update that significantly expands the game that was already expanded by the previous update, titled Outlaws.

As its name suggests, Outlaws introduced several illegal in-game activities, like smuggling, planetary raids, bounty hunting missions, and for some reason, wearable capes. The No Man’s Sky Star Trek update just turned up the previous updates’ survival/exploration additions to 11 while also expanding the in-game universe in more than one way. No Man Sky is currently available across a variety of gaming platforms, including the PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam, where it has Positive rankings. A Nintendo Switch release is planned for October this year.