The New Fortnite Crossover Features Characters From The Best Fighting Game

Fortnite has a new crossover event happening, and Epic Games has seen fit to bring back some old character and new character skins from the best fighting game.

By James Brizuela | Published


Fornite has long been bringing in popular characters from franchisees that have spanned video games and film. The skins can be purchased by players, and they often contain some sort of special dancing or emotes those players can perform while in the game. The newest crossover comes in form of Street Fighter. Officially launching today, players in Fortnite will be able to buy skins that will transform their avatar into Blanka and Sakura. The green menace and Ryu’s protege will offer exclusive items in their packs. But that is not all, as Epic has also announced that Ryu, Guile, Cammy, and Chun-Li are also returning as a bonus for a limited time.

The Blanka and Sakura Cup pack will feature items that are specific to Blanka and Sakura. Blanka will have the Blanka-Chan Back bling, which is basically a small Blanka toy that sits on the backs of players. A fun little backpack that will also electrify the more the player gets kills in the game. Also, the backflip emote will allow players to perform one of Blanka’s most famous moves from the original game. This is all topped off by the Tropical Hazard Kebab Pickaxe which replaces the melee weapon and contains fruits that Blanka loves. His alternative outfit is that of the Blanka Delgado outfit, which is a direct reference to Boman Delgado from the Rival Schools game. Fortnite has certainly done its homework on these skins.

Sakura, on the other hand, will be given an alternate outfit from Street Fighter IV, a victory sway emote, Hanakaze Claw back bling, and a Fighting Tournament Trophy pickaxe. The back bling for Sakura is fantastic, as it resembles a small claw machine which people win stuffed animals from. Also, her pickaxe looks kind of frightening, as it is a giant fist trophy that looks like it might knock everyone out. Duos in Fortnite will be interesting if players are using the Ryu and Sakura skins together.

Sakura and Blanka are part of the newest wave of Street Fighter characters that have made their way into Fortnite. Originally, it was Ryu and Chun-Li who were tapped first, followed by Guile and Cammy. Fans will be able to lock all these character skins, including their specific taunts and items at 5 PM EST tonight. Fans can rush to purchase Sakura and Blanka, but also revisit the other fan-favorite Street Fighter skins they may have missed the last time they debuted on Fortnite.

The Blanka and Sakura Cup took place on April 27th for Fortnite mobile and April 28th for Fortnite on all other platforms. Instead of cash prizes for this solo tournament, players were treated to the loading screen that paid homage to Street Fighter 2, as Blanka is doing his death roll move on a car, and Sakura is kicking the car as well. There is no telling if this loading screen will make its way into the game store past this tournament that just took place. However, all these Street Fighter skins will be available to purchase tonight at 5 PM EST.