See The Surprising Character You Will Play As In New Resident Evil 8 DLC

By Jason Collins | 18 seconds ago

resident evil 8

Capcom just announced the new downloadable content for 2021’s Resident Evil Village, featuring the protagonist’s daughter, Rose Winters, as she grapples with her mold-based superpowers, some 16 years after the game’s main narrative. The upcoming story is called Shadows of Rose and will release as part of the upcoming Winters’ Expansion for Resident Evil 8. Interestingly, Capcom decided to shift the gamer’s perspective from first-person to Resident Evil 4’s over-the-shoulder view.

According to IGN, the upcoming storyline was teased in the game’s post-credits scene, in which Rose is now a teenager assisting Chris Redfield, in some regard, and considering that Ethan’s survival was teased at the end of the game, it is safe to assume that he’ll also factor into the narrative. From what Capcom revealed, the upcoming narrative will take a more psychological tone than the original Resident Evil 8, with Rose’s consciousness merged with the megamycete colony beneath Village that helped spawn many of the base game’s monsters.

The infected residents of Village have their consciousnesses merged with the mold colony even after they die, and Rose’s connection with it poses a massive question of what she’ll find within the megamycete colony’s “hive mind.” As revealed with the rest of the details about the upcoming Resident Evil 8 DLC, Rose is set to encounter a spectral guiding force named Michael and a girl who looks exactly like her for some reason.

Given Rose’s connection to the colony, the world in Shadow of Rose isn’t just filled with typical Resident Evil 8 monsters — it’s also making attempts at Rose’s life. As it also exists in Rose’s consciousness, the locals within the game can seemingly twist and change around the protagonist as the game progresses. The entire experience seems like a step up towards psychological horror rather than the survival-horror action of the original game.

We knew that Rose would star as the upcoming game’s protagonist; however, amidst the lack of details, it was previously thought that she’d star in Resident Evil 8‘s mainline sequel, Resident Evil 9, that’s currently in development. The upcoming downloadable content’s narrative answers some of the fandom’s questions about Rose Winters, like whether she ages like typical humans and what’s Chris Redfield’s involvement in the story.

It was previously speculated that Rose ages faster than normal humans, which would make Redfield’s presence within the narrative more prominent. However, the story of the upcoming Resident Evil 8 DLC takes place 16 years later, meaning that Chris is likely quite older than when we first met him in Resident Evil 5. This factor might limit his direct involvement in the narrative without ultimately undermining his importance in the upcoming story.

Rose’s story actually begins with her father’s actions in Resident Evil 7, which seemingly concludes in Resident Evil 8 when he sacrifices himself to defeat Lady Dimitrescu, the breakout star of Capcom’s marketing division. Given the sheer popularity of the unusually tall vampire lady and the “the father’s story is now finished” line at the end of Resident Evil 8, both the tall vampire lady and Ethan Winters might make an appearance in the upcoming DLC. The upcoming Resident Evil 8 DLC will release in October this year and will serve as a perfect distraction for die-hard fans of Resident Evil 4 who are awaiting the game’s long-anticipated remake.