The Next FromSoftware Game Is Almost Finished?

FromSoftware might still be working on Elden Ring, but the company is hinting at the fact that its newest entry might be close to finished.

By Jason Collins | Published

elden ring

The developer of 2022’s Elden Ring, FromSoftware, is already hiring additional staff for “multiple” new games. The company has tweeted a link to a new recruitment website that includes a listing for several positions at the company, and the link also includes artwork from the company’s biggest games, including Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Elden Ring, and the long-dormant title Armored Core. Apparently, the company’s next game is almost finished, and the company is hiring again.

As reported by IGN, the FromSoftware boss and the director of Elden Ring, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has recently revealed that the studio’s next game is already in the final stages of development. According to the original interview, somewhere around Sekiro’s launch, Miyazaki announced that FromSoftware had two games in active development, one of which was the recently released Elden Ring and another, which is currently at its final stages of development.

One of the future projects the FromSoftware director was talking about was described as an abstract fantasy game with elements that don’t quite fit the usual Souls-like adventure template. Unfortunately, we can’t be certain that the previously mentioned, nearly finished, game is an abstract fantasy because FromSoftware and its staff keep things under a tight wrap currently. In other words, the public doesn’t really have an idea what game the company is currently wrapping up.

As for the other projects FromSoftware might be hiring for, it was previously rumored that Armored Core, the studio’s sci-fi gaming series, is being revived. These rumors started last January when the alleged screenshots of the game surfaced, along with gameplay details showcasing a 3D dynamic action with exceptional levels of customization granted to players as they move their mechs through an overwhelmingly massive in-game world.

Whether or not FromSoftware is really reviving Armored Core remains to be seen since the company hasn’t officially revealed or confirmed which titles it’s currently working on. All information regarding FromSoftware’s undisclosed projects should be considered mere speculation and ingested with a decent pinch of salt. Miyazaki’s interview concluded with the director sharing that, besides working on new titles, the company is also preparing more updates for its most recent commercial success.

Considering that sheer amount of DLCs other Souls-like games have received, like Dark Souls and Bloodborne titles, the same can be expected for Elden Ring. The game was a massive commercial and critical success, and it would be nothing short of madness for FromSoftware to cut its support for one of the best-selling titles in 2022. In fact, in the past four months since the game’s release, the company did and still does its best to correct even the slightest of bugs within the game.

Of course, a few wrong turns were made, which made the game unbearably difficult, but From Software has since corrected those buses as well, leading to a smoother gaming experience. In fact, the game is so successful that it might be getting its own cinematic universe — which is bound to become a peculiar adaptation, to say the least, on accounts that its lore isn’t so well-known, so the fandom won’t be able to criticize the adaptation as much. As far as the nearly finished FromSoftware game goes, there aren’t many details about the game, but we’ll keep the readership updated as more details become available.