Dead By Daylight Is Bringing In The Best Resident Evil Villain?

By Jason Collins | 1 month ago

dead by daylight

One could say that Dead by Daylight is Fortnite’s long-lost and slightly deranged spiritual relative since the game balances an original cast of characters with a plethora of licensed cross-overs coming mainly from horror franchises. The most recent addition to the game is yet another Resident Evil chapter that brings new game modes, maps, and Resident Evil’s best villain ever, Albert Wesker. The man that is responsible for the zombie apocalypse in the games.

So far, the game has introduced characters from other horror franchises, like Stranger Things, Silent Hill, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Hellraiser — the latter is getting its first female antagonist in its respective universe. It’s also worth noting that Dead by Daylight made some changes to Leatherface’s mask (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) as a response to racist allegations. Now, as reported by Polygon, the game is set to release new content called “Project W,” introducing one of the most iconic villains from the Resident Evil gaming franchise.

albert wesker

And while most gamers would like to see Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil: Village in another cross-over, Project W hints towards someone else, as it was the very same project that started the Progenitor virus in the Resident Evil narrative. However, it’s also the origin of a long-time villain of the franchise, Albert Wesker. For those unacquainted with the Resident Evil franchise, an upcoming Netflix series is supposed to shed some light on the Wesker family drama and reveal more about the franchise’s favorite villain. This is the second collaboration between BeHaviour Interactive, the developers of Dead by Daylight, and Capcom — the first was a DLC content released in 2021 featuring Leon Kenedy from Resident Evil 4 and Jill Valentine from the original Resident Evil as survivors, and another Resident Evil villain, the Nemesis, as the killer.

Though the announcement made the news on May 17, the information was leaked a few days earlier. It wasn’t mentioned as Project W at the time, but the leak suggested that it’ll release as Chapter 25 of Dead by Daylight. This suggests that the content is likely to drop sometime in September, assuming that there are no delays — which is a pretty big assumption, considering the current condition of the gaming industry, which is piling up delays one after another (see out Games section).

Assuming that Albert Wesker is the killer in the upcoming Chapter 25 of Dead by Daylight, it’s only natural to speculate about the upcoming survivors. The fans suggest it might be Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers, matching the first DLC collaboration between BeHaviour and Capcom, which introduced one villain and two good guys/gals. Ada Wong is a fan-favorite character mostly recognized from Resident Evil 2, and her own narrative section in Resident Evil 4 ran parallel to the game’s main storyline.

Rebecca Chambers, however, is a lesser-known character in the Resident Evil gaming franchise, though fans of the original game might still remember her — she was a supporting character in the original, and there are rumors suggesting that she might star in one of the upcoming Resident Evil titles. And lastly — Wesker — is probably the most famous villain of the franchise since he’s basically responsible for most of the horrors in the entire franchise. However, his upcoming appearance in Dead by Daylight is only speculation; we’ll know more in the coming months.