Elden Ring Has Fixed A Huge Issue With The Hardest Boss

Elden Ring is known for having some of the toughest boss battles in any game, and an update made the game's toughest boss invincible. Now a furhter update has fixed that.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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While the last week’s Elden Ring update has removed some of the game’s worst problems, it unintentionally created new ones, and one of the game’s hardest and most rewarding bosses became nearly invincible. Of course, we’re talking about Malenia, the Blade of Miquela, and the Goddess of Rot, who is once again her old self after the previous patch made her nearly invincible.

A new update for Elden Ring has fixed numerous bugs introduced by the previously released patch that addressed a Biblically long list of in-game issues. As reported by IGN, this also fixed the glitch that caused Malenia, an optional late-game boss, to regain health for no apparent reason during fights. Admittedly, this only affected the late-game boss in the online multiplayer environment when players summoned others to aid the fight.

The glitch made Malenia heal every time she performed an attack. This would be a standard game mechanic if her hits connected to the player. However, due to the glitch, the Elden Ring boss would regain health regardless of whether the hit connected or not. This made her incredibly hard to beat, and even the living legend Let Me Solo Her, who dedicated his Elden Ring experience to helping other players defeat the boss, had a really hard time defeating Malenia.

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Luckily, this has been addressed, and Malenia won’t be able to regain her health unless her blows connect with the player. This is good news for those who tried to overcome one of Elden Ring’s most difficult bosses with friends but also bragging rights for those that managed to down her while she was glitched. According to Let Me Solo Her, killing the Elden Ring boss wasn’t impossible; it was just incredibly difficult.

The new Elden Ring update also addressed a bug that has caused some bosses to die at unintended times, as well as fixed the bug that prevented the final boss from working properly under certain circumstances. Bandai Namco didn’t specify what those specific circumstances were, but they’re also fixed, along with previously reported issues with the game’s text. But the good news about the update doesn’t end there; the Cerulean Hidden Tear has been fixed as well.

Update 1.04 unintentionally brought the duration of the Tear, down from 15 seconds to 7, but the hotfix restored the Tear’s original duration. This puts patch 1.04 in good graces with the Elden Ring gaming community, especially regarding several alterations made to the game’s weapons and Faith abilities. It did also nerf several other things that were extremely helpful in defeating Malenia, but those nerfs were planned as part of balancing the game.

In most recent news, an Elden Ring data miner has broken into the game’s mysterious colosseum arena, which is currently inaccessible, and even managed to get some of its content working. It’s still unclear at this time whether the discovered areas are an abandoned portion of the game or the mysterious colosseum actually belongs to the potential DLC pack that might release sometime in the future.