Elden Ring’s Newest Update Has Taken Out The Game’s Worst Problem

Elden Ring made an update recently and it removed the worst problem from the game. This was a much-needed fix.

By Jason Collins | Updated

elden ring

FromSoftware, the developer of the critically acclaimed Souls series, just released a new patch for their massively successful open-world RPG Elden Ring, addressing several issues plaguing the game. And no, the patch didn’t make the game more forgiving to mistakes in combat. The newest patch had patched Patches (as ridiculous as that sounds), nerfed the overpowered Rotten Stray dogs, and removed the illusory wall. Those interested in the complete list of fixes can find patch notes on Bandai Namco’s website.

As reported by Polygon, a YouTuber named Zullie the Witch test drove the patch on Tuesday and discovered that Rotten Stray dogs aren’t dealing as much damage as they used to. For gamers who haven’t encountered Strays before the patch, the bleed dogs suffered an attack animation glitch that resulted in them dealing massive amounts of damage, making them even stronger than some of Elden Ring‘s bosses. These are now fixed and won’t be so unforgiving to unfortunate players that strayed into their vicinity.

Another thing that has been fixed with the new patch is the mysterious illusory wall, which now no longer disappears after being hit. Before the latest patch, players have found two broken illusory walls with 9,999 HP (health points), which would disappear once the players hit time enough times. This particular glitch fueled massive paranoia among players, making them suspicious of every flat surface within Elden Ring.

The interesting thing about these walls is that the players weren’t sure if FromSoftware used these to hide secrets or were they just another bug within Elden Ring. The game features illusory walls that disappear after a single hit, usually revealing the chamber with loot — they’re actually found in all FromSoftware games. However, the illusory walls we’re discussing required several dozen hits to go down.

These were apparently a clever way for the Elden Ring developers to hide an unwanted room and not to create a doorway to secret treasures. Whether or not they ever addressed this bug might’ve depended on whether the players found out about it — they did, and the bug has since been patched to be unbreakable, so if they don’t disappear after a single hit, they’re safe to ignore. Here’s another interesting fact: this fix wasn’t noted in the patch notes.

And last but definitely not the least —Patches — FromSoftware’s game-hopping mascot who appears in Elden Ring and the Souls series. Patches first attacks players in Limgrave cavern, but if they progress far enough into his questline, players can still find him in Murkwater Cave. He’ll be prompted to ambush the players once again, but he’ll quickly recognize the in-game character and surrender to avoid another whooping. Once he’s pacified, he’ll teach players his iconic “Slav squat” and reopen his shop.

With everything said, a patch this big wouldn’t be a proper patch if it didn’t accidentally break something, and admittedly, it could’ve broken anything but her — Malenia, the Blade of Miquela. Malenia is an optional late-game boss that’s incredibly difficult to beat, as she deals massive damage and heals every time she strikes a player. Unfortunately, however, now she heals herself whenever, making the already nightmarish fight into a hellish one.

Even the legendary Let Me Solo Her, an Elden Ring player dedicated specifically to beating Malenia, had a hard time defeating her after the new patch hit. Whether Malenia was buffed by accident or by design remains to be seen in the following days. Other than that, FromSoftware did a really good job with this patch, and the rest of the gaming industry could look up to them.