See The Elden Ring Player That Has Become A Living Legend

A mysterious player in Elden Ring has become a living legend for their very, very specific choice of actions in the popular game.

By Jason Collins | Published

elden ring

The massively popular Elden Ring quickly became famous for its hard boss fights, some of which test even the most skilled gamers, regardless of how well geared or leveled up they appear to be. Admittedly, you can outrun most fights if they become too challenging, but some bosses, like Melania, Blade of Miquella, and Goddess of Rot, lock players in 1-on-1 conflict, which often ends in the death of the player’s characters. Well, one player decided to ask for help, and the hero who answered just started one of the biggest “hold my beer” flexes in the history of gaming.

According to Kotaku, a player named Let Me Solo Her became a legend within the Elden Ring community for helping anyone with the Melania fight — his name refers to the optional late-game boss. Melania is one of Elden Ring’s toughest boss fights, as she’s incredibly quick and has great range with her long katana attack. On top of that, we’re discussing a two-stage fight, and there are specific skills Melania uses that can “one-shot” unskilled or careless players. Why fight an optional boss? Well, she drops particularly good gear for those who manage to beat her.

One particular Elden Ring player, who goes by the name sazed83 on Reddit, decided to use co-op after Melania handed him his behind some 20-30 times and ended up summoning Let Me Solo Her without knowing who the player was. Admittedly, Let Me Solo Her appears quite unusual. He’s dressed in nothing but underwear, with a clay pot on their head, and wielding two katanas — the Rivers of Blood and Uchigatana, both of which afflict the hemorrhage effect.

After responding to sazed83’s summon request, Let Me Solo Her literally single-handedly defeated (solo-ed) Melania, beating the in-game boss without taking any lethal damage. Klein Tsuboi, a YouTuber who’s behind Let Me Solo Her, apparently put countless hours in Elden Ring into mastering the mechanics of the Melania boss fight. But button-mashing skills aren’t the only thing that won this fight — Melania is weak against hemorrhage effect, and both Let Me Solo Her’s katanas afflict that particular effect on anyone hit by the blades. So, there are also wit and extensive homework sessions backing up the skills.

Ultimately, Let Me Solo Her isn’t the only player flashing a specific gimmick. His actions inspired countless other highly-skilled players to solo other bosses, creating Let Me Solo Him, which dedicates their talent to fighting Mohg, Lord of Blood — yet another high-risk-high-reward optional boss in Elden Ring. The game’s community is quite vast, and thanks to the game’s multiplayer co-op, community members like Let Me Solo Her come together to help each other.

Elden Ring is an incredibly tough game to beat, and players are often reluctant to deal with anything other than the main narrative, which is why most of the community missed the game’s most essential part. But then again, there are players who reluctantly play through the narrative and struggle to beat the game, and there are those who end the game without taking any damage during the entire gameplay.