Elden Ring Player Does The Impossible While Beating The Game

A player has accomplished an impossible feat in the incredibly hazardous world of Elden Ring- and they did it livestreaming.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Many believe that simply finishing any of the video games made by From Software is a testament to gaming skills alone, considering just how difficult, unforgiving, and borderline brutal their titles can be. Just look at Dark Souls series. But completing an entire game made by From Software without suffering any damage is borderline impossible. Yet one gamer managed to do it — an Elden Ring player did the impossible and completed the recently released Elden Ring without suffering any kind of damage.

Completing an entire game without taking any damage isn’t something that’s pulled off by talent alone. According to Kotaku, a Twitch streamer, Seki invested more than 130 hours of his life in being able to pull the world’s first no-hit/no damage run of Elden Ring. Now, completing Elden Ring is impressive in itself, considering that a vast majority of players don’t make it past the tutorial — if they even manage to find it. But completing the game without taking damage of any kind is a feat that should be recorded in history.

elden ring

Seki’s no-hit/no damage run took about just under 3 hours to complete, and it was done on livestream. Following the successful completion of his run, the streamer posted an image of his victory on social media, excitedly announcing the news, claiming that his run was the “world’s first.” Of course, some within the gaming community questioned his claim, pointing out a previous run by streamer GinoMachino from March 13, who also successfully completed the no-hit run of Elden Ring.

And while GinoMachino was the world’s first in that regard, there’s no dispute in Seki’s claim since GinoMachino’s run is very different from what Seki has accomplished. To beat the game without any damage from the NPC opponents and in-game bosses is truly a feat, but it fails in comparison with no-hit/no damage runs. The latter also excludes taking any environmental damage, like fall damage, poisons, debuffs, etc., which adds another layer of difficulty to the game.

This means that Seki had to avoid any and all types of damage, regardless of how big or small that damage was, during the entire run. It’s hard to imagine going through a video game such as Elden Ring and not taking accidental damage from falling or accidentally stepping into a swamp. If anything like that happens during a no-hit/no damage run, a player would have to start the game from the beginning. And in the case of Elden Ring, these conditions turn an already challenging game into something that’s seemingly impossible to complete.

Luckily, Seki proved us wrong; talent is just chocolate sprinkles dropped over a mountain of cream whipped by hundreds of hours of practice. The Elden Ring skyrocketed in popularity even before its release, and many are now trying to speedrun the game and complete some of the gaming community’s numerous challenges, like the no-hit runs. Seki’s feat is truly worthy of admiration, but have you seen how ridiculously good Elden Ring looks with Homer Simpson as its protagonist?