An Elden Ring Modder Has Added Fan-Favorite Characters To The Game, See The Video

An Elden Ring modder has made some major changes to the game and added all sorts of classic characters to the popular game

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The immense popularity of Elden Ring, From Software’s latest action role-playing game, is indicated by the fact that the game sold over 12 million copies in less than one month of its existence on the market. That’s a really impressive sales number, especially considering that Dark Souls 3 only sold about 10 million sales during its entire lifetime. Well, we’re here to report that things just reached their new peak — the modders have overrun Elden Ring, tailoring the game’s experience to suit their needs.

According to Kotaku, a YouTuber named ToastedShoes, who generally posts video content of modded gameplay, has posted a new video called “Elden Ring but ruined by mods.” His reimagining of From Software’s latest hit replaces the typical Elden Ring characters and NPC with popular cartoon characters, resulting in a disturbingly off-putting yet incredibly hilarious viewing experience. The various mods implemented into the gameplay have turned out benevolent protagonist into Tarnished Homer, while Shrek riding on a Donkey is a hysterical replacement of the Three Sentinel. See the video below:

A point can be made that the modders and the modding community might have improved the gaming experience by simply offering a chance to explore the game through the eyes of Homer. And in all honesty, it’s far more amusing than we make it sound since the new additions to the Elden Ring aren’t just mere reskins of existing characters. Each mod also replaces character audio with takes from Shrek films and Homer Simpson voice impersonations. It adds more layers of humor on an already senselessly funny amalgamation of in-game occurrences facilitated by the very same mods.

This vast potential to make you laugh and chuckle isn’t quite evident once the game starts, but it gets more interesting as its protagonist approaches the Tree Sentinel boss fight. In other words, it gets funnier as Homer approaches Shrek riding a Donkey. Of course, the player gets his behind handed to him, tactfully retreats after being “killed before breakfast,” and goes out to fight a bunch of angry Elmos, Pepe the Frogs (plural), and even encounters Elden Ring’s goats being reskinned as Sonic. Even Buggs Bunny makes an appearance. Apparently, ToastedShoes didn’t miss a crucial aspect of the game overlooked by most players.

To be honest, finding a bunch of cartoon characters who are obviously misplaced in Elden Ring by mods is funny on its own. Still, Homer’s commentary as the game progresses amplifies the humoristic vibe this entire mod provides. It makes no sense to feature Shrek and Donkey as Elden Ring villains, yet they’re so well placed within the game that no other characters could take their place. So, mod the game at your own discretion because you won’t be able to unsee these things once they happen.

It goes without saying, of course, that these mods can be used by PC players alone — console players had enough issues when Sony tampered with the gaming system and hindered Elden Ring’s ability to connect to PlayStation Network. We’ll say that console players are, unfortunately, missing out on a very different and outright hilarious take on Elden Ring.