Eager Elden Ring Players Are Missing An Essential Part Of The Game, See What You Missed

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By Jason Collins | Published

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Players of the record-breaking Elden Ring were so impatient to experience the game’s narrative that most of them missed an essential part of the game. The call to adventure issued by George. R. R. Martin’s narrative proved to be so strong that the vast majority of Elden Ring’s gaming community skipped the game’s combat tutorial entirely at the start of the game. As stated by one Twitter user, the reason behind this is quite possibly the funniest game-level design of the year. You can see his tweet below:

Ever since the release of Elden Ring, YouTube became filled with video tutorials explaining the game’s combat system to beginner players — because apparently, one of the best-reviewed games didn’t have a combat tutorial of its own. However, that isn’t quite true. According to Kotaku, players apparently mistook the game’s bastion of guidance and knowledge about its combat system for one of From Software’s notorious and deadly traps and just circled around it. Namely, after the players customize their character, Elden Ring plunges them directly into the game world, showcasing its aesthetically pleasing graphics.

Players are dropped at the Chapel of Anticipation, which seems to be the game’s starter zone. However, they’re soon attacked by the in-game boss monster, called Grafted Scion, which politely hands them back their respective behinds. Next, the protagonist wakes up in a dark cave that leads to a door lit by the diffuse light of a glowing tree. However, there’s also a pit, with a ghost sitting in waiting, encouraging gamers to leap in — and begin Elden Ring’s combat tutorial.

Compared to the warmly enticing glow of the tree that leads to the continuation of the game’s narrative, the cold, deep, dark pit with a ghost doesn’t look quite inviting. So, it’s quite understandable as to why the vast majority of gamers unknowingly skipped the game’s combat tutorial. Most games guide players through the combat tutorials with visual cues, and Elden Ring is pretty much the same in that regard. However, From Software is notoriously known for using very similar cues to lure players into all kinds of deadly traps.

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Of course, when the aforementioned Twitter user posted his explanation of the game’s tutorial, the gaming community did what they do best — they argued. When they’re not fighting or unanimously pointing fingers at gaming developers, gamers fight among themselves online. Some pointed out that the Elden Ring’s level design is the prime example of a game that rewards exploration, while others think that the game should communicate the purpose of the cave more clearly. Imagine a game developer that drove fear into the hearts of players so much that they mistook the game’s tutorial for a deadly trap, and you’ll get From Software.

Interestingly enough, it would appear that only experienced Dark Souls players mistook the tutorial for a trap and went straight for the door. Those unacquainted with From Software games talked to the ghost and successfully completed the Elden Ring combat tutorial since other games haven’t given them trust issues. For those who haven’t played Elden Ring, the game is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Mind the tutorial please.