Elden Ring First Reactions Are Overwhelmingly One-Sided

Elden Ring is set to drop on Friday, but fans and critics have already taken to the internet to let it be known how they feel about the game.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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As fans patiently wait for the release of Elden Ring on February 25th, they can be happy to know that the reviews for the new game have been stellar so far. The majority of the game publications that have reviewed this title have been giving the new From Software venture a perfect “10/10” rating or very close to perfect. While the normal From Software games have followed a similar structure in their aims and difficulties, Elden Ring has changed things by becoming their first open-world adventure. From the sounds of it, the fans of the game are eagerly waiting for their chance to play.

We hate to have to agree with the above tweet, as a complete game is certainly a rarity in the current world. Usual titles have DLC that completes the “full” game, but it sounds as if Elden Ring has the upper edge in regards to other open-world adventures while being complete.

Maybe this person has never played a From Software game, or they might just have a good idea about writing stuff down. However, there are never quest logs or directions. You are thrust into a world you must traverse by yourself without anything but a weapon at your disposal. Elden Ring is surely that same formula, but it is now open-world.

This wonderful person decided to throw all of the perfect scores that Elden Ring has received so far into one giant image. Thanks. That is surely a lot of 10’s. This might cause fans to go wild with impatience, but Friday is so close. Hold strong people.

As you may have guessed, Elden Ring can be preloaded on all platforms, and the above Twitter user understands that time is but a construct. This game does seem to want to own everyone’s souls, as perfectly stated above.

There are a ton of people that are ready and willing to stream themselves playing Elden Ring as soon as it drops. Here’s a word of advice for those streaming this game and not being familiar with From Software titles. Maybe don’t stream yourself? There will be a lot of frustration and cuss words coming out of everyone’s mics very soon.

This is some pretty good advice, considering most From Software games are all about dying, rinsing, and repeating. Elden Ring is sure to be much of the same, with certain baddies being passed at times. However, based on the “collect souls” type of gameplay, you might not want to skip running past anything.

Remember the Twitter user from above, who was perplexed at his own quest log controversial tweet? Well, it appears as if he was one of the lucky few to be given the chance to play Elden Ring before the general public, and it sounds as if he wholeheartedly agrees that the game is a masterpiece. We also can’t wait to play.

Elden Ring drops for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on February 25th. Those who have already pre-ordered the game digitally can also pre-load the game onto their given PC or console. From the perfect ratings to the fan response, this game sure sounds like a wonderful journey.