Evil Dead: The Game Has Been Hit With A Surprising Delay

By Jason Collins | 4 days ago

Evil Dead: The Game

We’ll start this article with a joke: 2022 walks into a bar, looks the bartender dead in the eye, and orders all the video game delays they have. If you, as a reader, found this hilarious, this joke is only funny for one reason — because it’s true. The gaming world took severe hits from the pandemic, and the repercussions of lockdowns still affect titles long after the measures have become ineffective. Unfortunately, not even the world of the undead isn’t safe from delays; Evil Dead: The Game just got postponed.

Regardless of how bad the opening joke was, its continuation goes something like this: Nintendo Switch walks into a bar, looks the bartender dead in the eye, points towards 2022, and says it wants the same. Now allow us to elaborate; according to Destructoid, the upcoming Evil Dead: The Game will launch on all the supported platforms on its original release date — May 13 (coincidentally Friday) — except on Nintendo Switch, which is the exact reason why Switch and 2022 are the metaphorical drinking buddies.

Evil Dead: The Game was previously delayed multiple times, just like plenty of other gaming titles, including Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake and the upcoming MMO The Day Before. However, the former just got a new developer, and the latter justifies its delay by switching to a more advanced game engine. Unfortunately, there’s still no word as to why exactly the Switch version of the game is postponed, but that appears to be a trend when it comes to recent gaming releases — a good portion of Switch releases launch at a later date than their PC and home consoles counterparts.

With that said, most versions of Evil Dead: The Game will launch on Friday the 13th, bringing the asymmetrical action to the fans of the franchise worldwide. Unfortunately for Switch gamers, however, the game’s official webpage states that the Switch edition of the game is coming soon — how soon, it doesn’t say. Hopefully, Saber Interactive, the game’s developer, will have some fresh news on the port, preferably along with a release date, so that Nintendo fans might enjoy the chainsaw-revvin’ undead-slicing action the game promises to deliver.

Evil Dead: The Game will pit the gamers against hordes of Deadite monstrosities risen from the pages of the Necronomicon translated from all three movies into the video game setting. Of course, other media’s monsters will be present too, and gaming developers remembered to add the legendary Ash vs. The Evil Dead television series. Finally, of course, for those who aren’t too keen on playing as the protagonist, the game will grant players a selection of demonic creatures, including the Evil Ash.

As previously announced, the gameplay will be action-packed and spread across several locations pulled directly from the Evil Dead franchise. Both humans and monsters of Evil Dead: The Game will use unique skills and special attacks, paired with a wide selection of weaponry, bringing victory to their respective teams. The game already seems packed with beloved characters and references from the film trilogy, and we surely hope that the gameplay doesn’t disappoint. As things currently are, Evil Dead: The Game is set to launch on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on May 13, and sometime soon on Nintendo Switch.