See The First Amazing Look At Ubisoft’s Project Q

Ubisoft is working on a new game that emulates a team battle situation. This new game is called Project Q, and now the world has been given a first look at this upcoming title.

By Jason Collins | Published


Ubisoft, a gaming developer behind the critically acclaimed Assassin’s Creed series, officially acknowledged working on a new gaming experience dubbed Project Q. The news of the upcoming game, which is supposed to be a team battle arena, confirms the last week’s reports of Ubisoft working on a new title. Project Q is still in very early development, and signups have been opened, granting people the opportunity to test-drive the game once a playable build becomes available.

According to ComicBook, Ubisoft previously discussed the game on social media, vaguely accrediting various reports surrounding the previously leaked information about Project Q, which showcased different parts of the game. However, official details are very limited, with the Prince of Persia gaming franchise’s developer referring to the project as a team battle arena gaming experience and not a battle royale game as some have speculated — though, given the popularity of the latter genre, it wouldn’t be surprising.

The company has set up a web page on their website for Project Q but refrains from sharing any details other than what was previously teased by social media postings and leaked information. However, it does allow you to select your preferred platform, offering PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, which at the very least, provides a list of supported platforms. Nintendo Switch players seem left out but considering that the game is still in its early development stages, that’s very susceptible to change.

project q

You’d want to select the platform to link your Ubisoft account or create one if you haven’t already, which would grant you access to the game once it becomes open to public testing. As per earlier reports about Ubisoft’s upcoming game, Project Q will offer several different game modes: one called “Showdown” and another called “Battle Zone.” The former would equate to a battle royale gaming experience with four teams of two players competing against one other. Still, despite such modes, Ubisoft remains adamant about the game not being a battle royale experience.

Battle Zone, or Battle Arena, is supposed to resemble a more traditional arena shooter experience with two teams of four competing to get the winning amount of game points. Project Q will feature heroes with unique weaponry, abilities, and skills and a gameplay mechanic called “Wonders” — whatever they may be. Weapons are said to be different than your traditional shooter loadouts and will most likely include something “exotic,” like a deck of cards, fireworks, hammers, etc.

Ubisoft is a massive gaming company, and besides developing Project Q, the gaming titan is currently working on the new The Settlers game, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Remake, which we previously covered, and the highly-anticipated Beyond Good & Evil 2 — a gaming title whose predecessor released in 2003 to poor initial success that became a critically acclaimed title, and one of the best video games ever produced. Oh, and Netflix is making an animated series based on the game, though details surrounding both the series and the upcoming sequel are very vague.