A Crucial Dying Light 2 Element Has Been Delayed

Fans of Dying Light 2 are set to be disappointed, as Techland has announced that a crucial and anticipated element of the game is being delayed.

By Jason Collins | Published

dying light

And another one bites the dust — a crucial element of Techland’s post-apocalyptic open-world survival RPG Dying Light 2 is now added to the long list of this year’s delayed gaming titles. Admittedly, we’re only discussing a delayed end-content DLC to an already awesome game, and considering the sheer number of gaming titles being delayed (just look at our Games section), we can’t say we’re all that surprised. In fact, the best course of action is to automatically add another 6-12 months to any recently announced game’s release date, just in case.

Massive gaming delays aside, Dying Light 2 was released in February this year (after being delayed) and received generally favorable reviews, with gamers and critics praising the parkour element of the game, which is one of the best free-running systems ever seen in games. The game’s combat system was also praised, but its narrative and voice acting were subject to criticism. Unfortunately, according to Polygon, the upcoming story-based DLC that was supposed to correct some story elements and fill in the gaps is now postponed for September.

Just two weeks ago, Techland released an update for Dying Light 2, which introduced the highly-requested New Game Plus mode alongside a thousand smaller fixes to the gameplay. At the time of release, Techland announced that the New Game Plus significantly alters the gameplay, allowing gamers to replay their favorite title for the foreseeable future. The game would automatically recognize that gamers are starting over a new game and allow them to load their previous progress, scaling the opponents to their level — making everything just as hard as starting a new game altogether.

But despite the released update for Dying Light 2, the endgame narrative remained under a big question mark. Admittedly, the endgame content is usually the hardest to develop, especially if game makers have already developed a solid narrative — making the development of new content even more difficult since it must top the original release. Unfortunately, Techland hasn’t shared much detail regarding the delayed DLC in the first place, so we don’t know in which direction the studio decided to develop the story.

With everything said, the company hasn’t offered a concrete reason for the delay, apart from the usual final polishing and detailing — a good but vague justification that is apparently worth gold, considering that Saber Interactive, Fntastic, and CD Projekt RED, have all used the same excuse. The company mentioned that they previously added the highly requested features and reminded players of the upcoming chapter called “In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner” as if it’s trying to ease us into delivering the heartbreaking news about the Dying Light 2 DLC delay.

As things currently are, the first story DLC will be released in September (unless it gets delayed once again), and the company apologizes for the delay, reiterating its firm beliefs that the community, fans, and gamers, deserve to receive a truly unforgettable experience. They also used the term “polish” and thanked the gaming community for its trust and support — as if we had another choice but to type angry comments online. Don’t let that discourage you, Techland, it’s still better than delivering a half-baked product. Still looking at you, Electronic Arts, how’s Battlefield 2042 doing?