See The New Dying Light 2 Update That Completely Changes The Game

Dying Light 2 is now rolling out a massive update that is going to be bringing in a fan-favorite mode and much more that will alter the gameplay in a huge way.

By James Brizuela | Published

dying light 2

Coming up with endgame content is the usual issue for games that initially have a ton to do, or rather, ones that deal with excessive means of collecting loot. Dying Light 2 was released in December, but now the game is set to release the highly asked for New Game Plus mode. This new mode is the usual way in which developers can keep fans replaying their beloved titles. Techland has certainly addressed this, but more so than just adding New Game Plus, the developer has stated that starting the game over will “significantly alter” gameplay. You can see the trailer below:

How is this gameplay altered? Well, for starters, Dying Light 2 will recognize that you are starting over a new game. This is achieved by adding tougher opponents and elements to the core story of the game. Some of those elements include 30 new inhibitors new platinum challenges for the parkour element of the game, and an updated expansion of enemies. For instance, the Banshee and Volatiles will now spawn at night. That should add another layer of challenge to running around in the dreaded nighttime for the game. Also, a legendary weapon tier has been added. New gold challenges, and enemies will now scale with player level. There is said to be over 500+ hours of content in the game, so if you happened to play through most of that, your level is likely very high. This means going into New Game Plus mode will certainly prove to be a far more difficult challenge.

On top of New Game Plus, Techland has fixed a myriad of issues across Dying Light 2. Several of those issues stem from bugged quests, which have now been fixed. The game will now feature a new quest called “Something Big Has Been Here.” This new quest will reportedly be adding a brand-new infected to take down. We are not sure what infected that will be, but something big doesn’t inspire confidence that it’s going to be some pushover infected. Good luck.

Quality-of-life improvements have also been made to Dying Light 2, including fixing the random invulnerability that enemies with bows have. Techland was very candid about this situation and fixed it as they realized it was quite annoying to deal with. Achievement issues have also been fixed, so they pop up in-game as they should. This is good news for completionists. Though we are not sure who has tackled this over 500+ hours of content. If you have, good on you. Co-op connectivity issues have also been fixed, allowing players to join their friends more easily in battle.

This Dying Light 2 update is said to be the biggest update next to the day one patch that fixed some 1000 issues. The reviews that were given to the game were initially poorer than they should have been, but that is usually associated with fixes that any ambitious game deals with. Techland realized this and addressed many of those issues so far. One can imagine that a game with so much content wouldn’t be 100% fixed when it launched. Techland is certainly doing what they can to make sure their game stays a fan favorite.