Halo Infinite Is In Trouble After Messy Launch

Halo Infinite is once again in trouble for a messy launch, as 343 Inudstries president took to Twitter to make fans aware that he knows how buggy the multiplayer currently is.

By Jason Collins | Published

Halo Infinite

343 Industries’ Halo Infinite, released in November 2021, is once again in trouble after a messy launch. The game’s second season of content, dubbed Lone Wolves, launched Tuesday to introduce new content and give the game a new set of wings, which broke the game. 343 Industries has acknowledged the pitfalls of this concoction of new content, bugs, and baffling changes, and it’s currently reviewing options on how to remedy the situation.

Admittedly, the players welcomed the new content brought by Halo Infinite‘s Season 2, like newly added maps, unlockable cosmetics, and new multiplayer modes — King of the Hill and battle royale-esqe Last Spartan Standing. However, according to Polygon, the new in-game challenges have been incredibly buggy since the Season 2 launched. For example, challenges related to Last Spartan Standing weren’t tracking properly, and numerous traversal methods employed by high-level players were removed from the game.

Additionally, the update also removed a speedrunning exploit and options to hijack pelican dropships or weapons jamming without any sort of warning — something you don’t want in the middle of your Halo Infinite multiplayer session. 343 Industries acknowledges that this wasn’t intentional and is working on a fix for that issue. As for the rest of the issues plaguing the game, the fan’s feedback came fast and furious, and for every line of praise about the new update, there were at least three lines of criticism towards the game.

343 Industries released several hotfixes after the fandom’s blowback that improved how Last Spartan Standing challenges were tracked, and challenge progression should update more accurately following the fix. However, the removal of speedrunning exploits is by far the most criticized aspect of the new content drop for Halo Infinite. One would think that removing exploits from the game is a good thing and would force the players to go through the campaign as the developers originally intended.

But the reality is somewhat different. First, the speedrunning community is vast, and its members are always trying to find new and creative ways to finish the game in the least amount of time. Second, most gamers never come across these exploits when traversing Halo Infinite‘s story mode. Unfortunately, while the studio is fixing challenges and other small issues, the fate of the speedrunning exploits remains unclear.

Apparently, the studio is reviewing their decision, but which exploits may return and when remains a mystery. The aforementioned challenges related to the Last Spartan Standing game mode will supposedly be easier. As a gesture of goodwill and a way to appease the angry Halo Infinite fans, 343 Industries is issuing five challenge swaps, allowing you to swap one of your weekly challenges. The company also included XP boosts that doubled the XP gained from challenges for an hour.

You can acquire additional swaps and boosts by progressing through the game’s battle pass or by purchasing them from the Halo Infinite’s MTX store for approx. It is $2 for two of each. This reminds us of the time when the game’s Big Team Battle stopped working properly; something 343 Industries has since corrected.