The Best Part Of Halo Infinite Finally Works

By Jason Collins | 4 months ago

halo infinite

The Big Team Battle is probably the best part of Halo Infinite — it allows 24-players to engage in a two-team battle across Xbox, cloud, and PC. Unfortunately, ever since mid-December, Halo’s mainstay mode has been riddled with matchmaking bugs, frequent disconnects, and crashes that already managed to turn away a few gamers and quite possibly ended with a broken controller or two. Well, apparently, all that came to an end; today, 343 Industries issued another patch that finally fixed the game.

The best part of Halo Infinite video game finally works again. The Big Team Battle, which pitted larger-than-normal teams against each other on massive in-game maps, was the player’s go-to mode ever since Halo Infinite launched in November last year. However, the mode just broke, causing massive dissatisfaction among the players. Now, according to Kotaku, 343 Industries finally managed to fix the issue and bring the gamers’ favorite part of Halo back to working conditions. Other outlets, such as The Verge, questioned the patch’s functionality but have later updated their report stating that the new fix actually works and that Big Team Battle is, once again, playable.

Nobody really knows why everything went haywire, as 343 Industries haven’t yet issued a comment regarding the fix, but sometime during the week of December 13, Big Team Battle simply broke. The fan-favorite multiplayer mode ceased to function properly, hindering players from getting into matches preventing gamers from attempting to break a recently set record. If anyone managed to get into one, eventually, they’d stand a high chance of getting kicked or losing a bunch of teammates. Unfortunately, the Big Team Battle mode wasn’t fixed with the January 19 patch, and 343 Industries haven’t commented on the issue or issued a detailed assessment publicly.

halo infinite

Naturally, these issues irked the players of Halo Infinite, to say the least. Bugs tend to happen, and most online gamers tend to be pretty reasonable since it takes time for the gaming companies to address the issue. However, 343 Industries took a month and a half to issue a fix and that created problems for most die-hard gamers. What really upset the gamers was the fact that Big Team Battle challenges continued to show up in the rotation. Since they couldn’t complete said challenges, as BTB wasn’t working properly, players had to use challenge swaps — single-use items that would hopefully swap individual challenges for ones that involved one of the game’s working modes.

A fixed amount of said swaps is obtainable through Halo Infinite’s battle bass, and battle-pass perfectionists had to acquire additional challenge swaps through Halo’s microtransaction store —which conveniently cost real money. But things were in motion, and 343 Industries wasn’t sitting idly. It would seem that the January 19 patch provided enough telemetry data for an adequate solution to the problem. A few days later, on January 28, one of the developers wrote that the studio ran successful playtests and that the earliest possible release of a hotfix would be on February 3.

Luckily, 343 Industries not only delivered the fix and fixed Halo Infinite, but they also ramped up the spawn rates of wraith and scorpion tanks and improved the mutual on-screen visibility between teammates. However, there’s still the question regarding the BTB challenges that players missed during the downtime.