Halo Infinite Player Achieves An Unbelievable Win Streak

A Halo Infinite player has achieved a remarkable win streak. It sure doesn't seem like this record will ever be broken, or at least not soon

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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There are decent Halo Infinite players, then there are really great players, ranked Onyx players, and then there’s Remy Mint Blitz, a prominent Australia-based Halo content creator who streams on YouTube and Twitch. And while newcomers to the series are still trying to get their reigns on the multiplayer aspect, Mint Blitz, as a veteran of the series, just achieved the impossible — or at least seemingly impossible — and won 100 consecutive free-for-all matches in Halo Infinite.

According to Kotaku, Mint Blitz originally set out to win 50 consecutive matches in the recently released installment in the Halo franchise. However, after winning 50 Halo Infinite matches in a row, Mint Blitz decided to up the ante and try and win 100 consecutive matches — which he did. In fact, Mint Blitz continued his fantastic streak, winning another five or six matches, bringing the total number of wins to 105 or 106. An impressive feat which the streamer compiled and posted on YouTube; you can see his video below:

However, the journey to Halo Infinite 100 wins wasn’t without issues. The streamer disclosed that it took him a week to amass 100 consecutive wins, which implied some physical stress and a sabotage attempt by his own gaming rig. His PC froze at one point, and he was forced to quit the game. However, a PC going haywire isn’t something he could control, so it definitely deserves a hall pass. Luckily, when he booted the Halo Infinite again, he was able to continue his winning streak, as he was up by 10 points at the moment of his PC crash.

After completing his self-imposed challenge, Mint Blitz provided some feedback and shared his insights on the free-for-all mode in Halo Infinite. These were provided in the form of the commentary on his YouTube video, discussing some of the game’s current features. A clear observation was made regarding the absence of sniper weapons in free-for-all mode in general, stating that one such weapon appears on one specific map and approximately only 50% of the time. That made Mint Blitz reconsider his approach to FFA matches, as he was no longer able to rely on sniper weapons to achieve his goal, prompting him to turn to non-traditional tactics.

Remy did point out how the series has changed, stating that he could just grab a sniper in Halo 3’s FFA mode on virtually any map and go to work. His words truly resonate with the rest of the Halo community and the fact that Halo Infinite both accepts and rejects many of the series’ traditions, like weapon availability. Returning Halo players and series’ veterans can thrive and conquer in almost any in-game condition, but newcomers need a fighting chance and an elaborate explanation of how Halo’s weapon drops work.

Luckily, Mint Blitz provided some insight into that as well, in his Halo Infinite video, pointing out various pros and cons of different pieces of gear, as well as discussing some strategies regarding his winning streak. However, it all came to an end when Blitz wasn’t able to outkill another player on the Bazaar map, totaling his victory count at 105-106 victories. Still very impressive and deserving of a world record classification.