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  • Created By: George Lucas
  • Launched On: May 25, 1977
  • Owner: Disney
  • Tagline: A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…
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star wars high republic

Star Wars: What’s The Difference Between Old Republic And High Republic?

Star Wars, much like the real world, has a history that often gets broken down by time periods. Two of …

9 months ago

The Acolyte Will Feature More Jedi Than Any Other Star Wars Production

Get ready to expand your lightsaber collection. The upcoming Star Wars series The Acolyte is expected to hit Disney+ next …

9 months ago

keanu reeves

Exclusive – Keanu Reeves Shot A Scene For Star Wars: The Acolyte

Of all the weapons we’ve seen John Wick wield, he’s never used a lightsaber, but that may change. Our trusted …

9 months ago


Exclusive: Ahsoka Series Is Bringing Multiverse To Star Wars, Spinning Off What If? Series

Along with heroes and villains introduced in the animated series, something else from Star Wars: Rebels is coming to Ahsoka. …

9 months ago

star wars quote

Are Star Wars Droids Sentient AI Or Not?

One of the most common features in every Star Wars movie or TV show is the presence of droids. Most …

9 months ago

star wars franchise darth vader luke skywalker mark hamill carrie fisher harrison ford

Tron 3 Casts Star Wars Lead In Mystery Role

If you weren’t already excited for Tron: Ares, the third movie in the Tron franchise, then we have another reason …

9 months ago

lando calrissian

Star Wars Lando Series Writer Has No Idea If The Show Will Ever Get Made

The fate of the Star Wars spin-off series about Lando Calrissian remains unclear as its writer has no idea what’s …

9 months ago

star wars

Star Wars Theory About Who Created Anakin Is All Wrong

Star Wars lore can get confusing sometimes. With all the supplemental material like novels and comics as well as two …

9 months ago

Star Wars: The Acolyte Sets New Record Fans Are Begging For

Despite reports that Disney has planned to pare down upcoming Star Wars releases, the media conglomerate still has big plans …

9 months ago

The Best Times Sci-Fi Movies Predicted Future Technology

Sci-fi movies often serve to give us a glimpse of what’s to come, but as every Back to the Future …

9 months ago

The Midi-Chlorians Of Star Wars Explained

There were many controversial additions to the Star Wars canon when George Lucas released his first film of the prequel …

9 months ago

star wars daisy ridley

Most Beautiful Star Wars Actresses Of All-Time

The assorted Star Wars films and television shows are filled with tons of fascinating lore and cool technology, and it …

9 months ago

star wars dark side

Star Wars Changes Anakin Skywalker Story And Fans Called It

Star Wars confirmed that Anakin Skywalker was born via the Force

9 months ago

e.t. auction

How ET Exists In The Star Wars Universe

The Star Wars franchise has captivated audiences for decades with its rich lore and imaginative universe. It’s appeared in countless …

9 months ago

dark side

The Dark Side Of The Force In Star Wars Explained

George Lucas’ Star Wars has always had the duality of dark and light integrated into its central themes, and the …

9 months ago

Best And Worst Things About Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise revolutionized cinema, almost singlehandedly creating the idea of the “Summer Blockbuster,” and supercharged the imaginations of …

9 months ago

force ghost

Force Ghosts Of Star Wars Explained

Many mysteries haunt the fabled galaxy far, far away, but few concepts in Star Wars are more intriguing than that …

9 months ago

Jedi news

How To Watch Every Star Wars Movie And Series In Chronological Order

The order in which things were released is not the order in which they happen on the Star Wars timeline.

10 months ago

star wars crossover the mandalorian

Star Wars Movies And Shows Are About To Get Severely Scaled Back

As part of a company-wide cost-cutting strategy, Disney is cutting back on new content for Star Wars. According to CNBC, …

10 months ago

lord of the rings star wars

The Most Powerful Star Wars Force Abilities Explained

When it comes to the Star Wars universe, nothing is more powerful than the Force. Essentially an energy field created …

10 months ago

grand admiral thrawn feature

Star Wars Villain Roasted For Being Smurf Musk

Disney+ dropped the latest trailer for Ahsoka recently, and it gave us some of the best looks yet at some …

10 months ago


Star Wars: Ahsoka’s Main Villain Finally Revealed

After first getting a brief peek into the upcoming Disney+ series Star Wars: Ahsoka earlier this year, fans have finally …

10 months ago

star wars tv-ma

Star Wars Confirms Who Is The Best Jedi Of All-Time

There are a lot of different Jedi that have popped up in the Star Wars universe, and the question of …

10 months ago

star wars

The Best Star Wars Game Is Now Completely Free

The Star Wars franchise has seen plenty of gaming releases in the past four decades, with quite a few fantastic …

10 months ago

star trek star wars

Why There Are No Wookiee Jedi In Star Wars

Wookiees have been synonymous with Star Wars since 1977’s A New Hope, and yet, for all their popularity, the one …

10 months ago

Katee Sackhoff Says Star Wars Episodes Are Short Because They Are Too Complicated

The Star Wars series The Mandalorian has unquestionably won over audiences with its remarkable effects, compelling storylines, and awe-inspiring action. …

10 months ago


Best Alien Races In Television History

Sometimes it seems like we’ve got so many fictional alien races in our media, that if the real ones ever …

10 months ago

Order 66 Of Star Wars Explained

The very first Star Wars movie makes it clear that most of the Jedi were wiped out by the evil …

10 months ago

baby yoda

Star Wars’ Dave Filoni Thought Baby Yoda Was A Terrible Idea

The Star Wars spinoff show The Mandalorian has been a runaway hit, in large part because it contrasts the gruffness …

10 months ago


How Hyperdrive Works In Star Wars, Explained

In Star Wars, hyperdrives manipulate hypermatter particles to send starships into hyperspace for fast travel along intergalactic roads.

10 months ago