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The Perfect Star Wars Comedy Show Is Already Written

For better or for worse, Disney has decided that the future of Star Wars is going to almost entirely consist …

21 hours ago

Andor Proves One Way Out For Future Star Wars Projects

Even Star Wars fans who hate most of the new shows on Disney+ agree that Andor is amazing…proof that this …

6 days ago

star wars andor review

Star Wars Andor Season 2 Bringing Back Fan-Favorite Villain

Andor Season 2 will bring back one of the franchise’s best villains, Imperial Director Orson Krenick, the man responsible for …

4 weeks ago

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What Happened The Star Wars: Underworld Series?

Are you ready for “Deadwood in space?”

2 months ago

the boys season 4

The Boys Fans Dismayed After Spinoff Report

Amazon Prime Video will dive even deeper into the world of The Boys with a spinoff set in Mexico. However, it may …

2 months ago

star wars andor

Andor Makes The Star Wars Prequels Better In The Most Shocking Way

Nobody understands the Star Wars prequels better than Red Letter Media’s Mike Stoklassa, whose infamous review of The Phantom Menace …

3 months ago

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The Best Star Wars Droid Of The Modern Era Gets The Spotlight

There was plenty to love about the Disney+ series Andor, and one of the characters fans ended up loving the …

3 months ago

andor star wars

Andor Season 2 Means Way More Than You Realize

An artist calling their work important can come off as self-aggrandizing and pretentious. If that work of art is Andor …

3 months ago

chris pine star trek 4 origins

Star Trek Origins Movie Is Not The Way To Reenergize The Franchise

Star Trek has been enjoying a thriving television renaissance, but many fans have been clamoring to see this franchise back …

3 months ago

The Acolyte Continues The Worst Star Wars Series Trend

Disney just dropped the trailer for its newest Star Wars series, The Acolyte, and surprise, it looks pretty good! Well, …

4 months ago

The Netflix Violent Sci-Fi With A Fan-Favorite Star Wars Antihero

Elysium, the violent socio-political sci-fi action film starring Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, and Diego Luna (known for playing Cassian Andor …

5 months ago

star wars andor

The Best Star Wars Series Returning Sooner Than Expected?

In 2022 the Star Wars spin-off Andor captivated audiences and critics alike with its gritty portrayal of the Star Wars …

5 months ago

star trek prodigy

Star Trek Takes Home A Bunch Of Awards

Star Trek is one of the biggest sci-fi franchises, and the recent number of award nominations reflects its magnitude. Namely, …

6 months ago

The Star Wars Murder Mystery Rivals True Detective

After the Sequel Trilogy kept bringing back characters and plot beats from the earlier films, Star Wars fans found themselves …

6 months ago

Dave Filoni Is Not The Star Wars Savior You’re Looking For

There’s a popular narrative among a certain segment of the Star Wars fandom that the recently promoted Dave Filoni is …

6 months ago

One Star Wars Show Could Predict The Franchise’s TV Future

The new live-action series Skeleton Crew is set to join the Star Wars universe later this year. Set within the timeline of The …

6 months ago

narcos mexico

The Netflix Crime Thriller Series Spinoff Better Than The Original

Narcos: Mexico is a Netflix streaming series created by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. The crime drama series …

6 months ago

andor season finale

The Best Star Wars Project Gets Awful Delay

Andor will return for Season 2, but it will be much later than expected. According to a recent Disney+ press release, the …

8 months ago

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The Millennium Falcon Is No Longer Star Wars’ Coolest Ship

With all due respect to Han Solo, the Millennium Falcon has been de-throned as the unofficial coolest ship in the …

11 months ago

Andy Serkis Confirms Andor Season 2 Return?

Andor is one of the most acclaimed entries in the Star Wars canon. The series brought a new level of …

12 months ago

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How To Watch Every Star Wars Movie And Series In Chronological Order

The order in which things were released is not the order in which they happen on the Star Wars timeline.

1 year ago

Andy Serkis Gives Star Wars Character His Own Backstory

Andy Serkis gave his character from Andor a backstory, describing the prisoner’s job and family.

1 year ago

andor star wars

Andor Season 2 Ending Has Already Been Ruined

Andor Season 2 will, according to the show’s creator, end right where Rogue One started.

1 year ago


Andy Serkis Is Returning To Star Wars And We Can’t Wait

Andy Serkis is returning in Andor Season 2 as Kino Loy.

1 year ago

andor season 2 star wars

Andor Season 2 In Big Trouble Because Of Showrunner Tony Gilroy

Andor Season 2 showrunner Tony Gilroy says that he is in full support of the writers’ strike.

1 year ago

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The Best Star Wars Show Is Ending And Its Breakout Star Is Happy To Be Done

Diego Luna, the star of Andor, is happy that the show is ending because filming two seasons back-to-back has taken a toll on his mental health.

1 year ago

star wars andor review

Andor Season 2 Will Not Continue Its Star Wars Story For A Very Long Time

Andor Season 2 is coming for Star Wars on Disney+ but the Diego Luna series won’t release until at least 2024.

1 year ago