The Best Star Wars Disney Project Getting Respect It Deserves With Physical Release

By Robert Scucci | Published

Star Wars fans and collectors will be pleased to know that Season 1 of Andor will be making its rounds in the form of 4K and Blu-Ray collector’s edition steelbook release. Considering Disney’s recent efforts to stray away from physical media in favor of streaming, you’re going to want to jump at the opportunity to snag a copy to add to your personal movie library. So make sure that you’re caught up on your bills because Andor Season 1 will be available for pre-order on March 12 ahead of its April 30 release.

Prequel To A Prequel

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In the context of the Star Wars universe, Andor takes place five years before the events of 2016’s Rogue One and places a strong emphasis on political inner workings as seen from the Empire’s perspective. Through Andor we learn about crucial moments leading up to the Rebel Alliance’s fight against the Galactic Empire that has dominated Star Wars lore for decades. Central to the storytelling is Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), whose journey transforms him from a thief and scavenger to the Rebel captain and intelligence officer heroically depicted in Rogue One.

The Best Star Wars Series In Years

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Upon the series’ September 2022 premiere, Andor was incredibly well-received by critics, garnering an intimidating 96 percent critical score on Rotten Tomatoes. By leaning into darker political themes within the Star Wars franchise, Andor attempts to provide viewers with an engaging prologue that illuminates how the Rebel Alliance as we currently know it came to be and does so in spades.

Physical Edition Only Special Features

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If you’re a Star Wars fan who has succumbed to the dark side of streaming, it’s worth noting that Andor Season 1 will include a whole slew of special features that will only be available through this three-disc release. Not only will you bear witness to insightful behind-the-scenes footage, the two-part Ferrix featurette will include Tony Gilroy, Kathleen Kennedy, Diego Luna, along with other cast and crew members as they break down the making of the season finale.

Plenty Of Time Before Season 2

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With the most recent Star Wars updates suggesting that Andor’s second season will see its premiere sometime in 2025, you’ll have plenty of time to unpack the stunt choreography, VFX design, and character spotlights that allowed Season 1 to become the hit that some critics are calling some of the best television they’ve seen in years.

Everyone Loves Steelbook Editions

Behind-the-scenes goodies aside, any die-hard Star Wars fan will want to get their hands on the collectible concept art cards that will be included inside of the Andor steelbook that won’t be available anywhere else. You’ll quickly want to knock your copy of The Phantom Menace off your mantlepiece to make way for the new collector’s edition on the block that’s superior in every conceivable way.

The Wait For Season 2

While we wait for the Star Wars Andor saga to conclude with its second season, it’s only fitting that we celebrate what’s to come by getting a crash course on the development, production, and legacy that Andor has set forth so far throughout its 12-episode run. It’s only a matter of time before the prequel of all prequels tells us all of its secrets and expands the Star Wars universe in ways previously thought unimaginable.