Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez House Being Sold As Divorce Looms, Report Says J-Lo Thinks Ben Could Be President

By Britta DeVore | Updated

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez divorce

Finally rekindling their spark decades after their faces were all over the tabloids, it appears as though the past is repeating itself and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are headed for divorce. Not only is the two-time Grammy award-winning singer canceling her tour but the pair have also put their Beverly Hills mansion back on the market, with both decisions pointing towards irreparable differences. If there is ill will it’s only between the pair on a romantic level as a friend close to Lopez has said that the singer believes Affleck could become the President if only he’d stay out of his own way.

JLo Is Downsizing

The home in question was purchased by the newlyweds just a little bit over a year ago for a hefty sum of 60 million. It was reported that Ben Affleck recently moved out of their shared home, and is taking up residency in his own apartment away from Jennifer Lopez and one step closer to divorce.

Now, with their home officially on the market, Jennifer Lopez is also reportedly looking at a new – and presumably smaller – abode to move into. 


For those of us of a certain age who are old enough to remember the headlines dotting newspapers and tabloids when “Bennifer” first got together, the news that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are likely headed for a divorce hits a little harder.

The pair first met on the set of Gigli (if you haven’t heard of it, there’s a good reason for that), and the spark between them was undeniable. Once Lopez settled her pesky divorce with her then-husband, Cris Judd, she and her new beau were inseparable.

The Public’s Obsession

“Obsession” would be a light way of describing the pandemonium that followed the actor and singer around, as they were rarely able to escape the flashing cameras of the paparazzi. Things only got more chaotic when they got engaged, which would inevitably be the beginning of the end of the first chapter of their love story.

While Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez didn’t get a divorce the first time around, it’s because they never made it to the altar with both parties calling it off.

The Return Of Bennifer

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck would eventually move on to marry and have children with Daredevil and Elektra star Jennifer Garner, while Jennifer Lopez would do the same with fellow singer, Marc Anthony, but both marriages ended in divorce a few years later.

Then, after the early days of the pandemic, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez resurfaced with one another, feeding the dream rekindling that we never knew we needed. By the spring of 2021, the duo were jetting off on vacations and it looked like the band was getting back together.

The Happy Ending… Ended?

ben affleck

The public’s fascination with the lovebirds immediately picked back up and the obsession may have become more grandiose than before. When they finally tied the knot, many saw this as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting the ending that they deserved with divorce no longer in sight.

But, after body language experts began picking apart their every move at award shows (to be fair, Ben Affleck does look miserable most of the time), it looked like the foundation had begun to rot all over again.

Despite all the negative press, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez still haven’t confirmed their divorce and remain supportive of the other spouse.

Both have their hands full with projects as Jennifer Lopez is starring in Bill Condon’s Kiss of the Spider Woman opposite Star Wars alum Diego Luna, with Affleck producing the project.

Source: Daily Mail