The Star Wars Marvel Characters We Want Back

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

After Marvel got the license back from Dark Horse, they began creating killer Star Wars comics and adding awesome new characters (Kathleen Kennedy, we beg you…we need a Doctor Aphra Disney+ show). Of course, older fans may remember when Marvel was first creating Star Wars comics back in the 1970s and 1980s. These issues haven’t been canon in a long, long time, but they introduced some amazing characters that we think Disney needs to bring back.



What if Han Solo was a big, green rabbit? Don’t worry, we haven’t been reading your fanfiction. We’re just describing Jaxxon, a fan-favorite Star Wars character from the original Marvel comics who recently received his own official action figure.

Jaxxon gives off Bucky O’Hare vibes

Marvel Star Wars

While his design clearly gives off some Bucky O’Hare vibes, we’ve always loved Jaxxon: he’s a colorful character (quite literally) who tries his hand at being a mercenary before becoming a smuggler with a heart of gold. In addition to loving his fun personality, we’d love Jaxxon to come back to Star Wars to add some much-needed levity. Admit it: wouldn’t the addition of a talking green rabbit man have made The Book of Boba Fett a bit less ponderous and self-serious? 

Fenn Shysa

Marvel Star Wars

Of all the characters on this list, Fenn Shysa probably has the greatest shot at coming back because he’d fit right into future seasons of The Mandalorian. When this character was introduced, Star Wars fans were already going crazy over Boba Fett, but Marvel’s writers weren’t allowed to put the infamous bounty hunter in their comics. The solution was simple: they created Fenn Shysa, a Mandalorian character who just happened to look exactly like Boba Fett.

Fenn Shysa is a cool antihero

Instead of being a mere shadow of that famous Star Wars character, though, this Marvel creation became a cool antihero in his own right. He wasn’t fully willing to throw in with the good guys, but he knows the Empire is worth fighting. In the comics, he was willing to give his life to liberate Mandalore, meaning that he’d be the perfect character to resurrect for the next season of The Mandalorian.


Shira Brie

If you want to know what Dani’s deal is, she was basically the Star Wars equivalent of Gamora. In the original Marvel comics, she was part of a trio of galaxy guardians that included Rik Duel (a Han Solo ripoff) and Chihdo (a Rodian who somehow had less personality than Greedo). However, red-skinned femme fatale Dani was always the real star of this group, and it was awesome watching her join the Rebellion and fight for a greater cause.

Dani trained with Luke Skywalker

Marvel Star Wars

As part of that fighting, she trained with Luke Skywalker himself, and she had a crush on the young Jedi that nobody needed Force sensitivity to detect. If nothing else, fan response to Hera on Ahsoka has illustrated how much the fandom likes beautiful, confident, alien women with brightly-colored skin, so we think she’d fit right into the modern Star Wars continuity. 

Shira Brie

Marvel Star Wars

It might be harder to tell her story without bringing in more CGI young Luke Skywalker (shudder), but Shira Brie was possibly the coolest Star Wars villain during the original Marvel comics run. She starts out as a fellow X-Wing pilot and love interest for Luke Skywalker, but we soon find out she’s secretly a double agent working for the Empire. If her story had ended there–a sexy spy out to seduce Skywalker and learn his secrets–she would have already been insanely memorable.

Darth Vader even gave Shira Brie a cybernetic makeover

Shira Brie

But her story took some wild twists: after she got disfigured in her attempts to discredit Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader gave her a cybernetic makeover. Pretty soon, this Force-sensitive baddie was calling herself Lumiya and fighting Luke Skywalker with a lightsaber whip, all while serving as the Emperor’s Hand (like Mara Jade) and eventually founding her own Sith order. She was cool and memorable enough to be brought back for the New Jedi Order novels, but now that we’ve all collectively agreed to forget about those embarrassing stories, it’s time for her to take her place as a major modern Star Wars villain.

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