Godzilla Minus One Director Making A Star Wars Movie?

By Jason Collins | Published

Godzilla minus one

Takashi Yamazaki had massive success with the recently released Godzilla Minus One, and now he’s setting his sights on one of the biggest and most iconic movie franchises ever—Star Wars.

Perfect For The Job

Godzilla minus one

According to /Film, Yamazaki’s successful reinvigoration of Godzilla, and impressive visual effects skills actually make him a perfect fit for the job.

And considering the mixed reactions associated with recent Star Wars releases, Lucasfilm might want to consider bringing Yamazaki on board for the next project.

Takashi Yamazaki Could Redeem The Franchise?

Admittedly, Lucasfilm lost its spotless track record of getting Star Wars movies directed by the same directors the studio hired for that purpose.

But bringing Takashi Yamazaki—who also happens to be a fan—on board could potentially reinvigorate Star Wars and perhaps redeem the franchise in the eyes of the sorely disappointed fandom.

Yamazaki said he ended up being a filmmaker thanks to Star Wars, and the Godzilla Minus One director is now hoping he’ll get a phone call from Lucasfilm, presenting him with the opportunity to work on his favorite franchise.

Doing Star Wars Good

And to be honest, Yamazaki could do Star Wars some good. The franchise has been milked dry by Disney, prioritizing quantity over quality of their releases to satiate the content-hungry masses.

However, once the quality dropped, so did the critical and audience response, and with them came down the earnings, and nothing hurt Disney as much as a slap across its pocket.

So, onboarding Yamazaki isn’t such a bad idea, not because his Godzilla Minus One turned out great, but because the director obviously has a knack for reinvigorating franchises that have been milked dry.

Godzilla Minus One A Testament To Talent

Godzilla minus one

His sense of bringing life to the old, the anemic, and the chewed out is quite evident from his other reimaginings, such as Space Battleship Yamato, Lupin: The First, and Parasyte.

Godzilla Minus One is perhaps the greatest testament to his talent, considering that he made a movie that’s regarded as one of the best in the entire franchise.

And all on a $15 million budget, which fits in a rather thin wallet compared to their MonsterVerse releases. So, not only did the director create one of the best Godzilla movies, he did it with significantly less money.

The Future Of Star Wars?

This is starting to sound like Disney’s dream, as the company is now pulling the plugs on projects left and right while also abandoning physical media and theatrical releases as a means of increasing its profit margin.

Yamazaki’s direction and understanding of different production processes would not only help Disney make its dream a reality but also reinvigorate the Star Wars franchise.

It could allow Disney to feed off the franchise for the foreseeable future—at least until they drive it into the sands again. 

Fandom Hasn’t Been Thrilled

star wars franchise darth vader luke skywalker mark hamill carrie fisher harrison ford

We might sound harsh when it comes to Disney, but numbers don’t like it. And the fandom isn’t really thrilled with some of the latest releases—a growing trend that has caused the fans to become skeptical about the upcoming Star Wars slate as well.

So, perhaps featuring Godzilla Minus One director isn’t such a bad idea, after all.