Johnny Depp Suffers Another Blow Following Co-Star’s Awful Allegations

By Jason Collins | Published

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Just when we thought that the Johnny Depp controversies had finally passed, another batch of allegations surfaced. This time, the finger pointing is coming from Lola Glaudini, an American actress best known for her portrayal of Elle Greenway on Criminal Minds. The actress alleges that Johnny Depp verbally berated her while filming 2001’s Blow.

What Depp Allegedly Said

In a resurfaced episode of the Powerful Truth Angels podcast from January 30, Glaudini recalled a situation on the set of Blow in which Depp berated her and called her a “f–king idiot” for following the director Ted Demme’s instructions. The actress also stated that she was especially taken aback by Depp’s behavior towards her because it was not only her first time in a major studio movie but also her first time meeting the controversial star.

What Was Supposed To Happen

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For context, Johnny Depp was supposed to do a monologue, and after a couple of takes, Ted Demme walked over to Lola Glaudini and instructed her to burst out laughing during Depp’s next attempt. The actress stated that she followed Demme’s directions and broke character before Depp when the cameras started rolling. However, after the take, Depp allegedly walked over to Glaudini and berated her for breaking character, calling her a “f–king idiot,” which, as she revealed, nearly brought her to tears.

She Says Demme Did Nothing

Glaudini also alleged that Demme, who died in January 2002, didn’t tell Johnny Depp about his note to have her break character during his monologue. This isn’t all that surprising, considering that directors often rely on tricks to get a more genuine reaction from actors if the filming of a particular scene isn’t going as planned. While that doesn’t justify Depp’s behavior (assuming that the allegations are true), Demme could’ve stepped in and de-escalated the situation between Depp and Glaudini, particularly because the latter wasn’t technically at fault.

A Supposed Non-Apology Apology

Following the podcast in which she alleges being mistreated by Johnny Depp, the actress claimed that Depp did offer her an apology, which she branded as a “non-apology apology,” and added that she was ostracized by her colleagues, who apparently sided with Depp, for breaking character. This doesn’t really look good, especially for Depp, whose reputation took a big hit following domestic abuse allegations made by his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

However, that particular case taught us that things aren’t always as they seem, considering that Heard was found guilty. We’re not questioning Lola Glaudini’s allegations, but we are pointing out that there are always two sides to every story. Depp’s representative stated that Johnny Depp always prioritizes good working relationships with his colleagues and that his recounting of the event differs greatly from the recollection of other cast members present.

A Sound Tech Disagrees

Sam Sarker, a sound technician on Blow, added that sound techs constantly listen to what’s going on on set, especially during rehearsals and during takes, to check for interferences or noise. Sarker then stated that he never heard anything similar to what Glaudini alleges, stating that such occurrences would have been remarkable.

Source: Variety