Blandest Star Wars Series Getting Season 2? Creator Drops Big Hint

By Britta DeVore | Published

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It’s been a busy few days for Star Wars fans as longtime universe creator and collaborator, Dave Filoni, was recently promoted to Lucasfilm’s Chief Creative Officer. Along with his new title, Filoni was also revealed to be behind an upcoming live-action Star Wars flick. But, even with his hands incredibly full in the Star Wars galaxy, there’s one project that Filoni wants to make sure happens in one way or another – another chapter in the story of Ahsoka.

Ahsoka Series Likely To Return

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Filoni teased the possibility that the Star Wars series, Ahsoka, would be coming back in one way or another. “There’s always a plan. I hope one day we’ll see it,” Filoni says of Rosario Dawson’s light-saber-wielding baddie returning to audiences down the line. Revealing that “it took a while” for the studio to move forward and for filming to wrap on the first season of Ahsoka, Filoni seems to give audiences a bit of warning that the wait for more could be a long one.

Nothing Official

Quoting a line Yoda first dropped in The Empire Strikes Back, Filoni told the interviewer, “Always in motion is the future.” Playing with the emotions of the dedicated Star Wars fandom, while it sounds like Filoni wants to add more to the story of Ahsoka Tano, he’s giving just enough vague information to make us wonder if it will ever happen. On one hand, the first season ended on a cliffhanger, pointing to the chance that a Season 2 will be around the corner, however, Disney has yet to announce that a decision has been made one way or the other.

Ahsoka Getting Her Own Movie?

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Another chance for Star Wars to use Ahsoka Tano could be on the big screen. The next steps for the franchise have been kept under wraps for a while now and, with Filoni backing an upcoming production, there’s a chance that he’ll have some creative leeway to bring in his favorite character. Should that be the case, he would have the opportunity to tie together the loose ends left waving in the breeze following the Season 1 finale.

Ahsoka Introduced In 2008

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As for his connection to the Star Wars character, Filoni has been tied to Ahsoka Tano for well over a decade since she made her first appearance in the 2008 animated Clone Wars film. Working alongside universe creator George Lucas, the duo first breathed life into Ahsoka, imagining her as Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan. Growing up during the Clone Wars had its own challenges but her biggest test of all would come when Anakin turned to the dark side, leaving Ahsoka to make decisions for herself.

Ahsoka All Grown Up

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The Disney+ series fleshed out more of that story of who Ahsoka had grown into following all of her hardships and the feared warrior who she had become. Along with Rosario Dawson starring in the leading role of the Star Wars series as the titular Ahsoka, the show also featured performances from Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), Ray Stevenson (King Arthur), Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Day Shift), David Tennant (Doctor Who), and Lars Mikkelsen (House of Cards), with Hayden Christensen reprising his role as Anakin Skywalker.

While there are plenty of other characters in the Star Wars universe to learn more about or take a close follow for the first time, it’s likely that with Dave Filoni’s draw to Ahsoka, audiences will get that second chapter somewhere down the line.