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robert downey jr robert pattinson

Marvel And DC Were Almost Destroyed By A Tiny Competitor

Malibu’s Ultraverse forced Marvel and DC to change everything, almost bankrupting them in the process, and setting the stage for the MCU.

9 months ago

Superman: Legacy

Superman: Legacy Gets An Official Start Date From James Gunn

Superman: Legacy has been confirmed to begin filming January 2024.

10 months ago

cillian murphy

How Christopher Nolan Made Studio Execs Cast Cillian Murphy As Scarecrow

Cillian Murphy’s Batman audition was doomed, but he did so well, Christopher Nolan insisted he play the villain.

10 months ago

Madonna Regrets Turning Down One Of The Biggest Comic Book Roles In History

Madonna was offered the role of Catwoman in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns.

10 months ago

stephen amell the flash

DC’s Arrowverse Deserved Better Than To Be Cast Aside

There’s a Flash movie coming into theaters next month, and initial impressions are that it will be a good movie, …

10 months ago

grant gustin flash

The Flash Arrowverse Finale Is Going To Be Massive

The Flash finale will be a four-part story ending The CW’s Arrowverse.

10 months ago

ezra miller the flash

The Flash Cast Feels Sorry For Ezra Miller

Michael Shannon supports Ezra Miller and wishes them the best.

10 months ago

gal gadot

Zack Snyder Originally Wanted To Take The Wonder Woman Story In A Terrible And Crazy Direction

Zack Snyder wanted to make Wonder Woman part-Kryptonian.

10 months ago

black superman

James Gunn Says The Black Superman Movie Will Be Elseworlds

James Gunn explains the black Superman film will be Elseworlds and not part of the main DCU.

10 months ago

Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights 2 Actually Happening Despite Major Criticisms?

More content for Gotham Knights has been teased on social media.

10 months ago

grant gustin the flash

How Fast Is The Flash?

For now, the Flash’s top speed is 13 trillion times the speed of light.

10 months ago

guardians of the galaxy 3karen gillan nebula

Karen Gillan And Pom Klementieff Both Moving To DC With James Gunn Now That Guardians Is Over?

Karen Gillan and Pom Klementieff said they would like to keep working with James Gunn in the DCU.

10 months ago

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan Wants To Play Poison Ivy

Karen Gillan is open to playing Poison Ivy in James Gunn’s DCU.

10 months ago

the flash 2

The Flash 2 Already In The Works?

The Flash director Andy Muschietti says a sequel is a possibility, depending on the box office grosses.

10 months ago

ezra miller the flash ring

The First Screenings Of Ezra Miller’s The Flash Are Making People Have Crazy Emotional Reactions

An early screening of The Flash reportedly had audience members in tears.

10 months ago

A Visual Tour Of The New Flash Trailer’s Most Incredible Scenes

A step by step look at everything in the new Flash trailer.

10 months ago

the flash ezra miller

Ezra Miller’s The Flash Delay Is A Good Thing According To DC Producer

The Flash producer Barbara Muschietti says the multiple delays in the film’s production gave it more time for development.

10 months ago

george clooney batman

George Clooney Is In The Flash As Batman

A George Clooney cameo has been added to The Flash.

10 months ago

colin farrell penguin

The Penguin Trailer Wants You To Root For Batman’s Villains

The Penguin’s teaser trailer lets Batman’s villains take center stage.

11 months ago

Frank Grillo Replacing Joel Kinnaman In The DCU

Frank Grillo is playing Rick Flag Sr in Creature Commandos, replacing The Suicide Squad’s Joel Kinnaman.

11 months ago

michael keaton batman

Michael Keaton Batman In The Flash Gets The Best Look Yet, See The Awesome Photo

Michael Keaton is maskless as Batman in a new image from The Flash.

11 months ago

michelle pfeiffer catwoman solo movie

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Most Iconic Catwoman Moment Was Done In One Take, See The Behind The Scenes Video

See Michelle Pfeiffer perform her iconic whip stunt as Catwoman in just one take.

11 months ago

youtube keenan cahill

YouTube Directors Turned Down Offer To Helm A New DC Movie

YouTube creators Danny and Michael Philippou turned down a chance to direct a DC movie.

11 months ago

henry cavill superman flash

See DC’s Asher Angel Replacing Henry Cavill As Superman

Henry Cavill being replaced as Superman by Asher Angel was envisioned by a skilled artist.

11 months ago

grant gustin flash

Grant Gustin Confirms Whether Or Not He’ll Be In The DCU’s The Flash

Grant Gustin says he will not appear in the upcoming The Flash movie.

11 months ago

grant gustin the flash season 8

Grant Gustin On Rumors He’s Secretly In The Flash Movie

Grant Gustin says he will not appear in The Flash.

11 months ago

We Found Out If Peacemaker Season 2 Is Still Happening

The good news is that we’re getting another season of Peacemaker; the bad news is that it will likely be several years before it comes out.

11 months ago

superman: legacy

All-Star Superman Is A Very Weird Choice For Superman: Legacy

All-Star Superman is indebted to the deep lore of the character, which makes a weird inspiration for the reboot of Superman: Legacy.

11 months ago

Scarlett Johansson

See Scarlett Johansson As Batman’s New Poison Ivy

Scarlett Johansson looks great as Poison Ivy in fan art.

11 months ago

batman lego

Lego Batman Would Have Been Like The Godfather 2, Says Director

Lego Batman 2, which won’t be happening, would have been structured similarly to The Godfather 2.

11 months ago