Jason Momoa Abandons Aquaman To Play Another DC Character

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

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As James Gunn moves to recast the DC superheroes played by Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa may return – but not as Aquaman. According to Variety, the actor will likely take on the role of Lobo in Superman: Legacy or in a standalone movie. Viola Davis and John Cena, the only actors safe from the purge, will reprise their roles as Amanda Waller and Peacemaker.

A new report adds more fuel to the fire, suggesting Jason Momoa will ditch Aquaman and play Lobo in James Gunn’s DC Universe.

The Jason Momoa news isn’t all that surprising since the actor previously hinted at his desire to play Lobo. He even seemingly confirmed that he would be playing the anti-hero in a mysterious social media post in early 2023. “Four years ago, I was screaming, wasn’t I?” Momoa said in an Instagram video. “It’s a mystery, baby. I got some really good news, great news with Warner Bros. Wish I could tell you!”

Fans were excited by the prospect as most believed that Jason Momoa would be perfect for the role. Created by writer Roger Slifer and artist Keith Giffen, Lobo made his first comic book appearance in 1983’s Omega Men #3. Known for his extreme, over-the-top personality, Lobo often presents himself as a violent, ruthless individual who takes great pleasure in causing chaos and destruction.

Lobo from the Syfy series, Krypton

He is often referred to as the “Last Czarnian” since he is said to have killed all the other members of his race, making him the sole survivor. Lobo possesses superhuman strength and regenerative abilities that make him nearly immortal. The anti-hero, soon to be played by Jason Momoa, is an expert in combat and weaponry. He often rides a spacefaring motorcycle and is seen smoking a large cigar.

The Jason Momoa news isn’t all that surprising since the actor previously hinted at his desire to play Lobo.

Lobo’s journey to becoming an iconic DC character was somewhat accidental. Originally introduced as an outright villain, he later underwent a transformation into a satirical figure meant to lampoon the gritty comic book characters of the 1990s, such as the Punisher and Wolverine. Ironically, this reimagining propelled Lobo to superstar status among fans.

Lobo occupies a unique space in the superhero world. He has a friendship with Guy Gardner but also frequently clashes with Superman. Since they share a common origin story of being the last survivors of their respective home worlds, this would be the perfect way to introduce Jason Momoa’s Lobo into the new DCU. However, the similarities between the characters end there.

Lobo embodies values and characteristics that are starkly different from the compassionate Superman. His appearance is also more distinctive, with chalk-white skin, a muscular physique, and a mane of black hair. He typically wears leather and spikes, a look that Jason Momoa could easily pull off, which adds to his intimidating and punk rock aesthetic.

Jason Momoa could potentially debut in the upcoming Green Lantern series, featuring Guy Gardner, an ally of Lobo.

Lobo’s stories often involve him taking on dangerous contracts as a bounty hunter, which lead to wild and violent adventures across the cosmos. Meanwhile, Jason Momoa will make his final appearance as Arthur Curry in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which hits theaters on December 20.

Directed by James Wan from a script by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, the story sees Black Manta attempt to defeat Aquaman and avenge his father’s death by harnessing the power of the Black Trident. Arthur (Jason Momoa) teams up with his imprisoned sibling, Orm, to stop this threat.