The Best And Worst Time Travelers To Time Travel With (Other Than The Doctor)

By David Wharton | 5 years ago

QuantumHell Yes: Sam and Al from Quantum Leap
You know the story: theorizing that one could time travel, stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished, yadda yadda yadda. Not only would traveling with Dr. Beckett be the best interactive history lesson ever, you’d also earn some major karma points for helping set right a bunch of stuff that once went wrong. That’s got to give you a nice warm feeling. And getting dropped into other people’s bodies would certainly be interesting — who wouldn’t like to test drive the opposite gender for a day or two? — even though you never know when you’re going to wind up in the middle of Vietnam or inside a space chimp. On the other hand, no matter how bad your particular leap is, you’re still going to have Al tagging along to provide context and lecherous commentary. Too bad you can’t fist-bump a hologram.

ButterflyHell No: Evan from The Butterfly Effect
Okay, remember all the smack I talked about Donnie Darko a few entries ago? Yeah, I owe him an apology. I would gladly ride shotgun in Donnie’s angst-mobile if the alternative was spending time with Ashton Kutcher’s Evan in The Butterfly Effect, a succession of darkest timelines so depressing that the director’s cut ends with him traveling back into his own fetus and strangling himself with his umbilical cord while still in the womb. Eeesh.

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