Keanu Reeves Says Bill & Ted 3 Is Edgy And Has Jesus Playing Baseball

BillTedMost of the time when we hear about a sequel to a movie we loved but that happened a long time ago—like say 23 years in this case—it makes us sad and we assume that they’re going to screw up something we hold near and dear. However, one of these that we’re actually pretty stoked about, whether it happens or not, is Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure 3. The idea has been kicked around for a long time, and it sounds like they have a solid script, as well as all the important players involved (they, to be honest, seem even more excited than any of us), and star Keanu Reeves recently shed even more light on what this could look like, if it happens.

Hyping up his latest, the revenge thriller John Wick, Reeves talked about the potential for Bill & Ted 3 with Coming Soon. One of the big draws is that all of the original creative team is on board. This includes writers and creators Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon. Reeves says:

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The Best And Worst Time Travelers To Time Travel With (Other Than The Doctor)

companionsDoctor Who returned for its eighth modern season, with Peter Capaldi’s Twelve enjoying a Victorian adventure with his latest companion, Clara Oswin Oswald (Jenna Coleman). And that’s a big part of the appeal of Doctor Who, isn’t it? The idea of getting a guided tour of all of time and space. If the TARDIS suddenly materialized in your living room and the Doctor invited you in, who wouldn’t be tempted to sign on for as long as he’d have you? But if you’re going to travel through time, you want to have good company and you want it to not be an enormous pain in the ass. As you’ll see in this article, that’s not always guaranteed. Sometimes you get a sweet-ass DeLorean, sure…but sometimes you get Ashton Kutcher.

Just in case you’re in the market for a vacation into last week, you’ll definitely want to consider your options. Thankfully we did the legwork for you. Here are our picks for which time travelers would be worth your time, and which ones you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

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Time Travel Charts Test Your Knowledge Of Fiction’s Fourth Dimension

We’ve seen some really cool things done with the concept of the so-called “minimalist poster.” The challenge of reducing something down to its essence, represented in as simple a visual as possible, can be both challenging and fun. That’s the same basic idea behind these clever little time travel charts put together by the folks at Buzzfeed. They distill a bunch of classic (and a few more obscure) time travel flicks down to a basic representation of the time travel itself: are people going back or forward, or both? Sometimes it’s pretty straightforward, like this one for the Jennifer Garner comedy 13 Going on 30.


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Alex Winter Shares Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Bill & Ted Stories

bill & tedWhen it comes to film anniversaries, time travel flicks are some of the most fun to celebrate, and the 25-year-old Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a most non-heinous example. Granted, I’m just as prone to celebrating every other year that Bill & Ted has been around, but at least we get to write about it more here at GFR. Bill himself, Alex Winter (Esquire), recently talked to Empire about his memories of the cult film’s shoot and his numerous co-stars. Unfortunately, they only go into the historical figures, and all talk of George Carlin (outside of one reference) is left in the past. But these are still awesome tales.

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