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  • Created By: Robert Zemeckis
  • Launched On: July 3, 1985
  • Owner: Universal

The Back to the Future cast has become one of the most iconic in movie history with many of the actors and actresses reprising their roles throughout the franchise.

Though the movies track different time periods, the same faces show up throughout, often as long-past, or future relatives of the ones in the present. It was a hilarious concept, one that kept a throughline in the Back to the Future trilogy.

Marty McFly

Michael J. Fox

Doc Brown

Christopher Lloyd

Biff Tannen

Thomas F. Wilson

George McFly

Crispin Glover

Lorraine McFly

Lea Thompson

Jennifer Parker

Elisabeth Shue

Jennifer Parker

Elisabeth Shue



Mr. Strickland

James Tolkan

Back to the Future debuted in theaters on July 3, 1985, and was almost instantly a massive hit. Combining a quirky story, excellent pacing, and a star turn for Michael J. Fox, the movie went on to start a trilogy of films all around a similar theme: hilarious time travel. 

Over the course of its theater run, Back to the Future scored more than $388 million dollars at the box office on just a $19 million budget. Director Robert Zemeckis was coming off of Romancing the Stone the year prior and knocked it out of the park with this one. He and Bob Gale combined on a script that had irreverent humor, an implausible story, and a converted Dolorean and made it one of the most iconic films ever.

Michael J. Fox stole the show as Marty McFly, a somewhat directionless teenager who is somehow friends with a disgraced nuclear scientist. He travels back in time, meeting his parents and almost erases himself from the history books in the process. Skateboard chases, Libyan terrorists, Biff Tannen’s bullying, a famed Chuck Berry cover and more have all become part of movie history lore.

The cast is rounded out by Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown, a character who would almost define the actor’s career. And of course, there were Crispin Glover and Lea Thompson as the McFly parents and Thomas J. Wilson as the brutish Biff Tannen. All of them would reprise their roles throughout different timelines across the entire franchise.

Back to the Future would spawn two more movies Back to the Future II and II which would come out in 1989 and 1990 respectively. In total, the three movies would earn nearly a billion dollars at the box office. 

The three Back to the Future movies were about as good a trilogy as one can hope to find in movie history. Marty McFly, Doc Brown, George McFly, and Biff Tannen still resonate to this day, putting out some of the funnier and most memorable lines we have heard on the big screen.

Back To The Future

Back To The Future 2

Back To The Future 3


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