Great Scott! Back To The Future Lego Sets Channel 1.21 Gigawatts Of Awesome

HillValley1If there’s one thing the internet has taught us, it’s that Lego creations are awesome. Okay, if there’s only one thing the internet has taught us, it’s that people will never get tired of cat videos. But the Lego thing would still be somewhere in the top five, ideally above any of the lessons involving pornography you can’t unsee. But as awesome as Lego creations are in and of themselves, we love them even more when they’re recreating some of our favorite movies, TV shows, and so on. That’s a big part of why the Lego Batman/Harry Potter/Indiana Jones games are so much fun. So when it comes to Lego versions of iconic settings from the Back to the Future series, you had our attention long before you hit 88 miles per hour.

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Gallery 1988 Show To Spotlight Little Golden Books Versions Of X-Files, Dredd, And More

BTTFYou might not recognize the name “Joey Spiotto,” but there’s a good chance you’ve seen and admired his work at some point. We’ve featured his brilliant “Little Golden Book” riffs on pop-culture staples such as Alien and Shaun of the Dead several times here on GFR over the years, but he just keeps putting out more awesome stuff. Now a bunch of that awesome stuff is set to be gathered together under one roof for an art show beginning this Friday, August 1 at Gallery 1988 East in Los Angeles.

Spiotto’s “Little Golden Books” pieces are like artifacts from a far superior alternate universe, one where your children can thrill to the cheerful adventures of cartoon-ified alien facehuggers, or a day in the life of precocious, cuddly versions of Pulp Fiction’s hitmen Vincent and Jules. (Just don’t ask about the sign on the front of Jimmie’s house.) I mean, come on, who wouldn’t love to be kicked to death by Alex from A Clockwork Orange if he looked this adorable?

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This Is The Greatest Back To The Future Action Figure Ever

back to the futureWe’re not trying to step on the tiny plastic toes of Lego Marty McFly and the rest of the official Lego Back to the Future toys, but a new challanger has arrived to take over the BTTF collectible throne. (Which, in this case, is just the driver’s seat of a DeLorean ripped out of the car and put on top of a nightstand.) Heading into neither the past nor the future, Hot Toys has stayed in the present and revealed their impeccable new 1/6-scale Marty McFly action figure. It’s so realistic, if you look at it while squinting, you might even think it’s breathing.

You can bet that Back to the Future fans the world over will be celebrating the film’s 30th anniversary next year, and what better way to do it than with a toy that looks almost too much like Michael J. Fox. As the Hot Toys Facebook page puts it, the figure was “specially crafted based on the image of Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly in the movie, featuring the newly-developed head sculpt, highly detailed costume and a number of accessories.” I mean, even the wrinkles on his pants are spectacular. And if your toy’s pants are top quality, you just know the rest of it is going to be good.

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Nathan Fillion Cosplays As Captain Kirk And Chris Hardwick As Marty McFly

FillionKirkSan Diego’s Comic-Con International 2014 has begun, and it’s the most magical time of the year! Granted, some of that magic involves the inability to find a hotel room, the crushing press of too many people in too small a space, and LINES FOR EVERYTHING. But still, you get to see some pretty awesome stuff, assuming you can get in to see any of the awesome stuff. For those of us not making the pilgrimage this year, we’ll have to rely on the second-hand awesomeness. But thankfully that second-hand awesomeness today involves Nathan Fillion cosplaying as Captain Kirk, so what do we really have to complain about?

THR has put together its annual Comic-Con preview issue, and as part of this year’s line-up, they dressed Fillion up in Kirk’s classic gold Original Series uniform for a snazzy photoshoot. The man could give vintage Shatner a run for his money in the dashing, square-jawed hero department, but his subbing for Starfleet doesn’t mean he’s snubbing the loyal Browncoats who have ensured that Firefly is still a pop-culture phenomenon over 10 years after it went off the air. He told THR:

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Guardians Of The Galaxy, Star Wars, And E.T. Get Gorgeous Top-Down Poster Art

GuardiansOne of the things I love most about GFR is discovering new artists or filmmakers or writers who weren’t previously on my radar and then diving into their work headfirst. Today’s particular rabbit hole (and mixed metaphors) are brought to you by artist Andy Fairhurst, who has put a new spin on beloved science fiction properties simply by approach them from a different angle: from the top down.

That Guardians of the Galaxy picture up top is one of my favorite things he’s done, just because it emphasizes something that some animator or comics artist once said, but I can’t for the life of me remember who: that a recognizable silhouette is key in creating a new costumed character. There are thousands of superheroes and villains who’ve been dreamt up over the decades, but the most iconic, the most legendary, almost all of those are instantly recognizable just from their silhouette. Or their shadow, as the case may be.

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Back To The Future: The Real Cost Of Doc Brown’s Mansion And A DeLorean Limo

Back to the FutureWho knew that the characters in Back to the Future were such ballers? We certainly didn’t, but apparently we were wrong. For example, Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown, perfectly portrayed by Christopher Lloyd. His house may be big, but it appears run down and shabby at first glance, but according to a new infographic, it is worth far more than you might initially expect. And then there’s his ride. Sure, he has made some serious custom modifications to his stainless steel DeLorean DMC-12, but even in 1985, it was widely recognized as a total dog of a car. That is until you see the stretch limousine that one intrepid inventor created.

Because it’s the Internet, and this is the sort of thing you do here, the team at MOVOTO real estate has taken it upon themselves to calculate the real-world value of Doc Brown’s mansion. They consider factors like square footage, power usage, and suburban northern California location to calculate the value of the property, but in 1955 as well as the modern world.