Klingon Actor Returns To Role After Nearly 40 Years, See The Photo

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

John larroquette Klingon

Most audiences firmly associate John Larroquette with Night Court, and for good reason: he is absolutely amazing in his role as sleazy Deputy District Attorney Dan Fielding. However, John Larroquette’s had a varied genre career that ranges from providing the opening monologue to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to playing a Klingon in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. We never thought we’d see him in all that forehead loaf again, but Larroquette has donned the Klingon makeup once again for the latest episode of the Night Court revival.

John Laroquette In Star Trek III

The fact that John Larroquette once played a Klingon often takes many Star Trek fans by surprise. In all fairness, he didn’t have a major role in The Search for Spock: Larroquette played Maltz, a Klingon flunkie working for Commander Kruge. Kruge was played by Back to the Future legend Christopher Lloyd, and considering that Lloyd chewed the scenery with more vigor than even William Shatner, it was easy enough for Larroquette’s performance as a random Klingon warrior to go unnoticed.

Back In The Makeup

John larroquette Klingon

However, it’s going to be downright impossible for anyone who watches the latest episode of Night Court to miss out on the fact that John Larroquette is in Klingon makeup once again, as you can see in these images NBC released ahead of the epsidoe. The episode has the provocative title “Wrath of Comic-Con.” Obviously, the title is a play on fan-favorite Star Trek film The Wrath of Khan, and it sounds like Larroquette’s smarmy attorney is going to be paying a visit to the most famous nerd convention in the entire world.

Going Klingon For Romance

John larroquette Klingon

What would bring John Larroquette’s less-than-nerdy character to a nerd convention, though, and even entice him to dress up in full Klingon makeup and battle regalia? In true Dan Fielding tradition, there can only be one answer: a woman. The episode hasn’t aired yet as of this writing, but the description claims that Fielding “finds a potential love connection with a woman who has sworn to destroy him,” causing him to both take “drastic measures” and to completely embrace “the wondrous world of Comic-Con.”

Reading between the lines here, it sounds like John Larroquette’s character wants to win this woman over without immediately revealing who he really is. We suspect she’s a card-carrying geek who is attending Comic-Con, giving her suitor the chance (or perhaps the excuse) to suit up as a Klingon and win her over. 

Channeling The Late Chancellor Gorkon

star trek

It sounds crazy, but maybe Fielding wants to channel the high romance of William Shakespeare. And as Chancellor Gorkon says in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, “You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon.”

Wanting Back In The Doofus Galaxy

Speaking of Klingons in Star Trek movies, one fun fact about John Larroquette is that he always wanted to bring his character Maltz back again. Because this character was the last surviving Klingon of The Search for Spock, Larroquotte has gone on record as petitioning William Shatner to bring the character back. Of course, his pitches involved having the Klingon henchman manning a hot dog stand out in what he called “the Doofus Galaxy,” so it may be that the actor was having a bit of fun at Shatner’s expense.

When To See The Klingon’s Return

John larroquette Klingon

Certainly, John Larroquette looks to be having more than a bit of fun in promotional pictures for the latest episode of Night Court. Arguably, the veteran actor looks even better as one of these angry aliens now than he did decades ago. If you’d like to see whether his costumed shenanigans pay off or today is a good day for Dan Fielding’s love life to die, be sure to tune into NBC to catch the premiere of “The Wrath of Comic-Con” Tuesday, January 30 at 8 pm EST.