Star Wars, Planet Of The Apes, And Forbidden Planet Costume Test Images

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

ApesIn this digital age, it’s easy to take for granted how simple it is to dig into the behind-the-scenes stories of pretty much any project you can think of. Special edition sets come packed with insightful commentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes, and photo galleries. Websites and forums are often able to show you far more about any upcoming film than the filmmakers would ever prefer. So there’s something cool about making-of material from earlier decades when the wall between creator and consumer was a lot more daunting. These images from various sci-fi movie costume tests are pretty straightforward, but there’s still something charming about getting a look into a past when, for the most part, nobody outside the production would get to see this stuff until it was done. Especially when, as in the picture up top, they look like a mug shot from a DUI bust on the Planet of the Apes.

The images were collected by the folks at Flavorwire, and there are plenty more to check out aside from the science fiction examples we’re including here. They’ve got test shots of both Harrison Ford modeling Han Solo’s classic look…


…and Carrie Fisher rocking the iconic (and erotic) golden bikini, the outfit that launched a thousand puberties.


This next one is even more interesting. Die-hard Star Wars may have seen it before, but it’s a look at an early version of the C-3PO design, at a point when it still hewing a bit closer to the droids original Ralph McQuarrie design. You can compare it to one of McQuarrie’s images below.



These last ones are some of my favorites, even though they might not be as instantly recognizable as the Apes and Star Wars ones. They show the stunning Anne Francis showing off her futuristic wardrobe for Forbidden Planet, where she played Dr. Morbius’ daughter, Altaira. The silver outfit looks like it was ripped right off the cover of a 1940s issue of Amazing Stories. I love it unconditionally.




If anybody wants to win a cosplay contest I’m judging, just show up in that outfit and it’ll be in the bag.

You can check out more costume and makeup shots from famous films over at Flavorwire.