Check Out This Tomorrowland Poster, A New Trailer Arrives Next Week

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

TomorrowlandDisney’s Tomorrowland is one of the more intriguing movies coming out this summer. We have a bare bones synopsis, and what footage we’ve seen looks fantastic, though it creates far more questions than it answers. But considering the source, and that it comes from writer and Mystery Box enthusiast Damon Lindelof, that’s not a surprise. A new trailer is set to drop Monday, March 9, along with a Facebook Q&A with Lindelof and director Brad Bird (The Iron Giant). To tide you over until then, however, the studio has released this new poster.

This does, however, lead to one big question. The one sheet shows megastar George Clooney standing in the field in front of futuristic city that we suspect is the titular Tomorrowland. That’s fine, it lines up with what we know of the movie and with what we’ve seen thus far.

Here’s where our question arises. Britt Robertson is the star of the film. She plays Casey Newton, a scientifically gifted teen who teams up with former boy genius Frank Walker (Clooney) to unlock the mysteries of the aforementioned Tomorrowland. Again, fine, but you’ll notice that she is also nowhere to be found on this poster, as the other figure in the image with Frank is obviously a little boy. That’s very strange.

There are a couple of possible explanations for this. Frank was some kind of child prodigy, and Clooney’s name is real big on this poster, looming above the title. Both he and the child are staring up at a similar angle and with a similar sense of wonder, so maybe it’s supposed to be current Frank and young Frank, like maybe he went to Tomorrowland as a child and now finds his way back as an adult. If that’s the play, perhaps we’ll see a poster for Robertson that follows a similar aesthetic logic.

Another possibility is that the image is from Casey’s point of view, as if we’re looking at this scene through her eyes. That’s an interesting concept, design wise, but it still seems like a weird choice to keep your protagonist off screen—we presume that she’ll be front and center in the trailer—and it still doesn’t explain who the damn kid is.

Like most of the rest of the marketing for Tomorrowland, this poses more questions than it attempts to answer, which could very well be the point. Or maybe they just figured they have one of the biggest movie stars in the world and want to play up his involvement. And maybe I’m spending too much time considering a movie poster.

Tomorrowland opens everywhere May 22.