Tomorrowland Captures A Sense Of Wonder In This Super Bowl Preview

By Brent McKnight | Published

One of the 2015 movies that we’re super excited for, yet know almost nothing tangible about, is Disney’s Tomorrowland. We know that the film played a big factor in director Brad Bird not helming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which seems like a pretty big deal, and though we’ve just seen the teasiest of teaser trailers, it looks mysterious and full of adventure. We’ll get another good look at the film during the Super Bowl on Sunday, and because this is the world we live in, we’ve got a quick look at this upcoming quick look.

In recent days, the Super Bowl has become the de facto marketing kick off for the upcoming slate of summer blockbusters (and as we all know, according to the studios, summer now runs from March or April to the first week of August). We know that we’re going to get fresh new looks at Jurassic World, Furious 7, Ted 2, Insurgent, and likely many more, including Tomorrowland.

While this entire video may only be 11 seconds long, and only features three shots, it’s still intriguing enough to catch out attention. The story follows Casey (Britt Robertson), an intelligent teen with a penchant for science. When she encounters former boy-genius Frank (George Clooney), they embark on a dangerous journey to a mysterious place called Tomorrowland, which will change the world forever.

TomorrowlandLike the previous trailer, this time around you see the strange button that Casey finds…

Tomorrowland…and when she touches it…

Tomorrowland…she’s magically transported to Tomorrowland, which, as you can imagine, is quite a shock the first time or two.

TomorrowlandAgain, they use that match effect that I really loved from the first trailer, where Casey touches the pin…

Tomorrowland…and in just the blink of an eye everything changes. It seems like such a simple move, but in the scant few seconds of footage we’ve seen, it does a fantastic job of capturing the sense of wonder and enchantment that the filmmakers are going for at the core of this movie.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should take a moment in your busy day to watch the full trailer. We’ll see more on Sunday (I won’t, because I’ll be hiding under a table—I’m never quite as stressed as when the Seahawks play—but I’ll catch up later), and the Brad Bird-directed, Damon Lindelof-scripted Tomorrowland opens everywhere May 22.