Tomorrowland Shows Off A Mysterious New World In Gorgeous First Trailer

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

Since his death, Walt Disney has gone from man to legend in most people’s minds, regardless of where his final resting place is. (He’s not frozen, people.) Brad Bird’s upcoming sci-fi adventure Tomorrowland is a tribute to Disney’s biggest and brightest ideas, and that childlike feeling of wide-eyed discovery is at the center of the film’s gorgeous first teaser trailer.

The first chunk of the video involves Britt Robertson’s Casey Newton being released from a police station and grabbing her stuff. Mixed in with her possessions, though, is a magical pin shaped like a “T.” It isn’t hers, but when she touches it, the item transports her to a world beyond the one we live in. Sure, it’s just a field at first, but that field would be the scariest place in the universe if you just instantaneously found yourself there after talking to a cop.

tomorrowlandIt’s no surprise that this trailer launches viewers into a curious mindspace, as former Lost writer Damon Lindelof is one of the brains behind this. Lindelof recently shared some of Tomorrowland‘s plot points for the first time, and he talks specifically about this pin as being the magical key to transport you to and from the futuristic world that normal Earthlings have no idea is there. This is the place where some of Walt Disney’s concepts and designs will make their appearances.

The end of the teaser gives us an even bigger look at this bright, shiny world, with terrain that seem to defy gravity and building designs that look…like an amusement park, really. Plus, there’s someone flying around with a jetpack. That’s how you KNOW we’re in the future.

tomorrowlandThe big man himself, George Clooney, also appears for a brief moment, asking Casey (presumably), “You wanna go?” Sitting in front of TV monitors featuring raging fires, a tornado, and what looks like a huge protest (or possibly just an agitated crowd), there’s also what looks like a timer counting down to something, and various other electrical equipment. We know he’s a genius hermit, but what’s this guy’s deal?

tomorrowlandYou can get a better look at the pin in the film’s new poster below. Just don’t touch your screen. Not because it will take you into another dimension, but because your hands are grimy and it’ll leave smudges.

tomorrowlandTomorrowland hits theaters on May 22, 2015. Get there by car, bus, or even a magic pin. Just get there however you can.