Here’s Your Best Look Yet At Jurassic World’s Vicious New Dinosaur

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

Jurassic WorldMaybe it’s called D-Rex (short for Diabolus rex), maybe it’s called Indominus rex, but no matter what name the new villainous dinosaur in Colin Trevorrow’s upcoming Jurassic World sports, it’s going to be one nasty piece of work. There was a quick glimpse of it in Lego form (though those pics got pulled down in short order), and we saw that it can climb out of a 40-foot enclosure in the trailer, but we’ve never had a clear image of what the new big bad is going to look like, until now.

Since these are leaked pieces of promotional art, you have to assume they’ll get pulled down before too awful long, and we’re way to lazy to deal with a cease and desist order today, so before we proceed, you should click HERE and check out the pics.

I’m honestly not super sold on the look of these, at least what we can see in these couple of images. It feels like they just added spines and spikes and horns in an obvious attempt to make it look evil and sinister and menacing. Hopefully none of that will matter when we see this blasted across a giant movie screen and running roughshod through a screaming crowd of sunburned tourists, but right now this is just exactly what you imagine when you think of an “evil dinosaur.”

It’s doubtful that we were supposed to know much about this new addition to the franchise before the movie actually opens, but for a while during production, Jurassic World had a major problem with people talking and revealing secrets from the set, and this is a big one that oozed out. Trevorrow later confirmed that it is indeed a key part of the film (though human villain Vincent D’Onofrio has stated we still don’t know anywhere near the whole story yet), and he described it like this:

… The gaps in her sequence were filled with DNA from other species, much like the genome in the first film was completed with frog DNA. This creation exists to fulfill a corporate mandate—they want something bigger, louder, with more teeth. And that’s what they get.

I know the idea of a modified dinosaur put a lot of fans on red alert, and I understand it. But we aren’t doing anything here that [Michael] Crichton didn’t suggest in his novels. This animal is not a mutant freak. It doesn’t have a snake’s head or octopus tentacles. It’s a dinosaur, created in the same way the others were, but now the genetics have gone to the next level. For me, it’s a natural evolution of the technology introduced in the first film. Maybe it sounds crazy, but most of my favorite movies sound crazy when you describe them in a single sentence.

I’m totally ready for some of this craziness.

The reason for D-rex’s existence is because though the titular park is open, attendance has flagged and the money people commission this new breed of dinosaur to attract more visitors. That, as we already know, doesn’t work out too well as she escapes and wreaks havoc.

Jurassic World stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Irrfan Khan, Omar Sy, Nick Robinson, Ty Simpkins, Judy Greer, and Jake Johnson, and opens everywhere June 12.

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