Navy Pilot Reveals UFOs Are Much More Common Than We Believe, Hear His Testimony

Former Navy pilot Nick Graves gives testimony saying that UFO occurrences are much more common than many believe.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

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UFOs and UAPs have been all over the news lately. Just in the past week, three high-profile unidentified objects have been shot down over North America. According to Fox News, Nick Graves, a former fighter pilot, gave testimony saying he encountered UFOs during his time in the Navy and that it’s a more common occurrence than people think. 

Nick Graves alleges he saw UFOs all the time while flying a F/A-18 Super Hornet off the Eastern seaboard for the Navy. After getting an upgrade to their radars, Graves and other F/A-18 Super Hornet pilots began spotting numerous unidentifiable objects on the systems. 

Graves notes that objects could be seen across multiple devices. Reportedly their radars, cameras, and flare systems were all picking up these flying objects. “We even saw them with our eyeballs,” Graves claims. 

These UFOs posed a threat to some pilots in the Navy, with a few almost colliding with them in midair. Hazard reports had to be filed to warn others of the danger. Nick Graves says that he reported all his UFO sightings to the Pentagon and Congress. 

Even with all of the attention these UFOs have been getting lately, officials in the Navy and elsewhere still do not know where they are coming from. Very little has been released to the public concerning their possible origin or purpose although the White House maintains that they are most likely not extraterrestrial. 

Most sources describe the objects as cylindrical in shape, but Nick Graves’ report outlines the objects for us in more detail. Describing the objects as a “dark gray or black cube inside of a clear sphere,” he gives no indication of knowing what they are either. 

He goes on to detail the movement of the UFOs. The Navy pilot claims they would sometimes hold still against the wind while other times whizzing off at supersonic speeds. They could allegedly remain stationary in conditions that the pilots had to fight to fly in. 

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Lastly, Graves notes how the objects would stay in the sky all day, flying at high speeds. The sophisticated F/A-18 Super Hornet could only last an hour and a half flying tactically but these seemed to last forever. While Nick Graves’ report gives those interested in the UFOs more detail, much about them remains a mystery. 

Even though UFO sightings were a common occurrence for Nick Graves in the Navy, their heavy presence in the media is a rare occurrence. This all started earlier this month when a Chinese spy balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina. Since then, three unrelated objects have been shot down in North America. 

The first unidentified flying object was shot down off the coast of Alaska on February 10. The other two were shot down in the preceding days, with one coming down in the Yukon and the other over Lake Huron. Each object is very different in size and shape with one being described as the size of a small car and cylindrical while another was an octagon with strings hanging off the side. 

This sudden surge in UFO sightings has many wondering if the alien apocalypse is coming, although, according to Nick Graves’ testimony, these objects have been seen by the Navy for years. Some think that enhanced radar techniques have been picking them up more frequently when they were missed in the past. For now, we are left to speculate about these flying objects, as much remains under wraps.