UFO Shot Down Over Lake Huron Described As An Octagon With Dangling Strings

A UFO has been shot down over Lake Huron and we have a description of what it looks like.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

Octagon UFO
Artist imagined version of a UFO

The onslaught of UFO news continues: an octagon-shaped flying object has been shot down over Lake Huron by the United States Air Force. It was destroyed roughly 16 miles on the US side of the US/Canadian border. The Pentagon confirms the object was shot down at 2:42 pm when an F-16 fired a sidewinder missile at it over the water. It was shot down over the water to avoid debris hitting civilians.

The unidentified object was first confirmed above the Great Lake on Sunday, February 12 at around 1:00 pm Pacific Time.

It has been confirmed (per Zerohedge) by United States officials that this was the same UFO that was discovered over Montana last night and not the one that caused the airspace above Lake Michigan to be restricted by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Regardless if it was the same object or another of the many that have appeared recently, it appears to have been traveling at an altitude of some 20,000 feet and was considered a threat to civilian air traffic.

ABC News Senior Pentagon Reporter Luis Martinez reports that the octagonal UFO over Lake Huron did not appear to have a weapons payload, but did have some kind of dangling strings and surveillance equipment.

The Pentagon has issued a statement on the nature of the object. Here’s their quote…

“Based on its flight path and data we can reasonably connect this object to the radar signal picked up over Montana, which flew in proximity to sensitive DOD sites.”

Below is the Pentagon’s full statement…

Pentagon statement on Octagon UFO

The UFO that was shot down over Lake Huron is one of a number reported in the last several days, including four cylindrical aircraft over North America (at least three of which were shot down over the Yukon and are apparently in the process of being recovered).

A similar fifth UFO was reported over the Shandong area of China and was shot down by the Chinese government. This most recent confirmation of a UFO caused American F-16 to be scrambled and for the Canadian government to restrict airspace.

Interestingly, U.S. Intelligence officials have stated that there is no evidence that the UFO shot down over Lake Huron (as well as the others that have recently been reported) is an indication of alien activity on Earth or that it was extraterrestrial in any way. However, they did not have any statement as to what it actually was or what its origins might have been.

It’s worth keeping in mind here the philosophical maxim that one cannot actually prove a negative. It cannot be definitively said that the UFO now in Lake Huron was not alien in nature.

Although it has not been confirmed by governmental officials, there are speculative reports online that the UFO at Lake Huron retaliated in some way against the American fighter jets that intercepted it, apparently damaging them. Note again: that while the other reports are confirmed, this one is not and should be treated as highly speculative.

Other equally unconfirmed rumors circulating have claimed that a nuclear emergency has been declared in the area around the downed UFO and that the sighting was near several nuclear weapon silos.

The actual nature of the UFO at Lake Huron and whether it is causing a nuclear emergency will hopefully become clear soon. Reports of UFO sightings sharply accelerated in 2022 for unknown reasons, and it appears that 2023 will be no different.