Unconfirmed Reports: F-16s Destroyed Or Damaged Trying To Shoot Down UFO Over Lake Huron?

Unconfirmed reports say the UFO shot down over Lake Huron destroyed at least three fighter jets first.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

ufo lake huron

There are unverified reports that the UFO shot down over Luke Huron destroyed a number of the F-16 fighter jets sent to intercept it. While it has not been confirmed by U.S. government officials as of yet, Twitter news account RawsAlerts is indicating in multiple posts that at least three fighter jets were destroyed; only one F-16 was apparently able to make it back to Truax Field Air National Guard Base in Madison, Wisconsin.

If this is confirmed by the government, it will raise increasingly alarming questions as to exactly what the UFO at Lake Huron was and how it was able to damage high-tech military technology so easily. 

The UFO shot down over Lake Huron has been described by multiple sources (including ABC News Senior Pentagon Reporter Luis Martinez) as octagonal in shape and with no discernable payload, which does conflict with other sources that say it engaged with the F-16 fighter jets. It seems that the UFO at Lake Huron also had some kind of surveillance equipment and is described as having some kind of dangling “strings.” It can be hypothesized that those strings might have once held some kind of payload or weaponry, but that is purely speculative.

At this point, various United States officials are apparently privately indicating that the UFO over Lake Huron and other sites do not indicate any kind of extraterrestrial activity, though there is no explanation as to what they actually might be. On the other hand, while the government might not be willing to say that the apparently increasing amount of UFO activity in the last year represents any kind of alien incursion on Earth, it cannot definitively say that it isn’t, either. 

According to reports, the UFO shot down over Lake Huron was the same one that was first sighted above Montana last night. Previous to that, at least three UFOs were shot down over the Yukon and are apparently in the process of being recovered; unlike the octagonal Lake Huron aircraft, these were described as cylindrical. While a visual description has not been publicly circulated, another UFO was reported to have been sighted above the Shandong district of China and has been assumed to have been shot down by the country’s air force. 


Additionally, other UFOs have been spotted in the last 24 hours above Illinois, Michigan, and areas of Canada, causing airspace to be restricted. The octagonal UFO above Lake Huron is reported to have been traveling at an altitude of approximately 20,000 feet and was causing imminent danger to civilian aircraft, hence the restrictions. 

It has also been reported, though not confirmed, that the UFO shot down over Lake Huron might have triggered a nuclear emergency in the area and was in the area of several silos containing nuclear weapons. This might explain the surveillance equipment that has been reported, though not why it had such allegedly lethal effects on the jets scrambled to intercept it. We will continue to update you as we receive new information.