Science And Art Collide To Create Real-Life Smurf

By Will LeBlanc | 10 years ago

We’re all wishing we had Men In Black-style neuralizers to help us forget the monstrosity that was the recent Smurfs film that somehow made boatloads of money. However, the little Belgian lilliputians still hold a special place in many of our hearts who grew up with the beloved Peyo TV series.

One still hanging on to his love of The Smurfs is artist Nate Hallinan who recently used some scientific thinking and artistic wizardry to bring the Smurfs into the real world in an unbastardized way. The illustrator posted the image and his reasoning on his website, defining just what a Smurf living in the wild would consist of.

The Smurf is actually the result of a symbiotic relationship between two organisms. We believe that Smurfs put their ’embryos’ in the button of a developing mushroom. From a distance, Smurfs seem like they are wearing a hat and pants but as you can see this is a fallacy. The fungus provides camouflage and protective epidermal layers for the creature, while the creature provides nutrients and mobility for the spreading of spores.

Smurfs are believed to be a hunter gatherer society. As you can see, this little guy is returning from a successful venture. It is generally difficult to spot a Smurf; they are very apprehensive and cunning. Sadly though, it is rumored that they are hunted for their medicinal properties. It’s hard to determine but it is thought that there are not many colonies of Smurf left.

Pretty cool, huh? If it weren’t for the mildly creepy hat/mushroom top thing that is fused with the rest of this little creatures head, he’d actually be pretty cute. He’s sort of cat-like and looking proud of his morning hunt.

I’m always fascinated by this sort of crossover from the digital world into reality. A while back an image similar to this of Buzz Lightyear was released and it was brilliant. Hopefully artists keep up this type of creative crossover because it always yields very interesting results, even more so when it’s scientifically driven.

via io9