James Cameron Threatens Even More Avatar Movies

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

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Dark storm clouds gather, white walkers stalk increasingly close to the Wall, rumors grow of a shadow in the East, etc.: James Cameron is planning to make three or four more Avatar movies.

What have we done to deserve this? 

Avatar 6 And 7 Might Be Happening

Indeed, in a move theoretically exciting fans and probably worrying critics, the famed director behind the Avatar franchise disclosed plans to make many, many more films about the blue people in trees. We’re talking six or seven total Avatar films. The director revealed this news we’ll just have to handle at the 51st annual Saturn Awards in Los Angeles, where Cameron detailed a slew of insights concerning his expensive, expansive, and—admittedly—enormously lucrative saga.

James Cameron Likely To Hand The Reins Over To Someone Else

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Expect James Cameron to reveal more about his plans for the Avatar franchise in 2024 as he gears up for the release of the third installment of the series (in 2025). The 69-year-old filmmaker is very much committed to creating more films in the sci-fi universe, revealing that his team has written the screenplays for five total flicks involving Pandora. Beyond that, the director shared that, while he’s mentally chewing on concepts for the sixth and seventh Avatar movies, realistically, someone else will probably take over by then. 

Avatar: The Next MCU?

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It paints an ominous picture–an expanded, fully automated Avatar franchise, in which severals directors tackle the universe, a la Star Wars of MCU. Picture eight, nine, even ten total Avatar movies. And why stop there? If James Cameron needn’t be involved, we could see untold Avatar projects: film, TV, live-action, and animation–plus spin-offs. It could happen. 

In fact, at the Saturn Awards, Cameron expressed admiration for iconic, enduring sci-fi franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek, reflecting his ambition to emulate and replicate their lasting appeal. The director lauded their significant cultural impact alongside their world-building achievements. 

Plenty More Story To Be Told In Avatar 3 And 4

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While we can understand Cameron’s desire to engender a similarly expansive universe, earning and preserving audiences over decades, we’re a little wary of comparing Avatar to Star Wars or Star Trek…Maybe that’s just us. After all, the money, interest, and infrastructure are there for the director to keep going and going. James Cameron’s Avatar 4 is slated for a 2029 release, and Avatar 5 is intended to come out in 2031. As referenced above, both the director and his longtime producer, Jon Landau, maintain that—fear not—the narrative foundation for all these sequels is very much in place. For his part, Landau underscored the immense wealth of stories yet to be told within the massive Avatar universe. 

Can The Franchise Continue Producing Massive Blockbuster Films?

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Of course, our aspersions aside, the Avatar films have resonated deeply with global audiences and shattered box office records. Ever the optimist, Cameron conveyed this success is due to his films’ ability to tap into the human desire for connection, beauty, and positivity. 

Whereas so many sci-fi flicks tend toward the dystopian, James Cameron pointed out, his own Avatar movies are outwardly more upbeat, focusing on universal themes. 

It all points to a broader vision for the Avatar franchise—a massive universe overdelivering on its promise to create films steeped in humanity, empathy, and environmentalism. 

But seven?! 

Source: People