Exclusive: Henry Cavill Joins Avatar 4

By Michileen Martin | Published

henry cavill avatar 4

The Last Son of Krypton is making his way to Pandora! Well, not really, but our trusted and proven sources tell us that the guy who plays Superman, Henry Cavill, has been added to the cast of Avatar 4. This update comes after a lot of uncertainty in some of the star’s biggest roles.

We don’t yet know exactly what kind of part Henry Cavill will be playing in Avatar 4; considering the nature of the franchise, we might not even see the star’s real face in the film. While he might be playing one of the humans on Pandora, he could just as easily have been cast as one of the blue-skinned Na’vi. Not to mention we have no idea what kind of surprises (maybe brand new species?) James Cameron might have in store for the future chapters of his science-fiction saga.

The mystery behind Henry Cavill’s Avatar 4 role gets that much deeper when you consider he’ll be entering the series in the penultimate chapter, and Cameron recently revealed Avatar 5 — the last of the films he has planned so far — will leave Pandora and bring the series to Earth.

Henry Cavill’s recruitment to Avatar 4 also suggests Cameron has some renewed confidence that his sequels will actually get that far. The director recently cast doubt on the notion that the series will get past Avatar 3; suggesting the post-covid box office environment wouldn’t allow for the kind of mammoth returns he needs to justify future installments. With the box office projections continuing to rise for Avatar: The Way of Water, as reported by ScreenRant, perhaps the filmmaker’s confidence is returning.

henry cavill avatar 4
Henry Cavill in Man of Steel (2013)

Of course, the news that Henry Cavill has signed on to a blockbuster like Avatar 4 may be taken as a bad sign to a lot of DC movie fans. The latest of what is starting to seem like an endless series of shake-ups at DC Studios — including Wonder Woman 3 possibly being taken off the release schedule — has sparked a lot of speculation that in spite of Cavill’s return as Superman in Black Adam, that cameo is all he’ll get. The news that he’s signed on for Avatar 4 may be seen as more proof that his time in the DCU is done.

Regardless of whether or not we’ll see him again as the Man of Steel, Henry Cavill’s schedule also opened up recently because of his departure from Netflix’s The Witcher. He will still appear as Geralt of Rivia in the upcoming third season of the series, but Season 4 will see Liam Hemsworth replace him in the lead role. Initially, many believed he’d left the series because of his renewed commitment to Superman and the DCU, but since then, unconfirmed reports have surfaced that it may have more to do with Cavill’s unhappiness with the show’s apparent failure to remain accurate to the source material.