Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Bringing Back The Most Popular Character

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are bringing back Greninja, which can be caught via a 7 Star Tera Raid.

By Jason Collins | Updated

Pokemon Greninja

Following the release of controversial Pokemon in tournament battles in recently released Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the record-breaking games will now bring back one of the most popular Pokemon ever—Greninja. The Pokemon would be obtainable through a 7 Star Tera Raid event that will run from January 27 through January 29 and then again from February 10 through February 12.

According to Serebii, a source on all things Pokemon, the upcoming event bringing Greninja would be similar to the event that brought Charizard to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This means that the players would be able to catch only one Pokemon Greninja per game and that Pokemon will have the Mightiest Mark, in addition to being a Poison Tera Type Pokemon. For those that aren’t in the know, Tera-type Pokemons are the newest addition to the gaming series, which brought a new layer of strategy.

Nearly all Pokemon found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a Tera type that matches their original form. For example, Sprigatito, which is a Grass-type Pokemon, has a Grass Tera type. However, the Tera type allows players to change the Pokemon type or randomly find a Pokemon with a unique Tera type that differs from its base type. For example, the previously mentioned Quaxly is a water-type Pokemon that best matches with Water Tera types and Grass Tera types.

Changing a Pokemon’s Tery type require 50 Tera shards, which isn’t so simple to come by, so any opportunity to snag a Pokemon with a unique Tera Type should be taken advantage of. Fans of both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have to decide if a Poison Greninja is the best fit for their current Pokemon setup, especially considering the discrepancies between its base and Tera type—Greninja is a dual-type Dark/Water type Pokemon.

Pokemon Greninja is one of the fan-favorite Pokemon first introduced in Pokemon Y and X as a final form of a starter Pokemon Froakie. Greninja actually played a massive role in the game’s accompanying animated show, the 2013’s Pokemon the Series: XY, and was a pivotal part of now-departed Ash Ketchum’s team throughout the show. His prominence in the series probably played a major role in Greninja’s worldwide appeal, and the Pokemon became so recognizable that he even won Google’s Pokemon of the Year competition in 2020.


In fact, given its popularity, it’s safe to assume that the vast majority of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players will want to obtain Greninja. In other Pokemon Scarlet and Violet-related news, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launched on Nintendo Switch in November 2022 as an open-world Pokemon game. It featured three separate campaigns, with nearly 103 new Pokemon and the Terastal phenomenon, which introduced the Tera types.

On top of introducing Greninja in the upcoming event, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also introduced time-displaced variants of known Pokemon called Paradox Pokemon. The latter are either from the ancient past or the distant future, depending on the game you play. Though Nintendo had to issue refunds to disgruntled players due to technical issues at launch, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sold more than 10 million copies in just three days, turning the games into Nintendo’s biggest launch of all time.