Controversial Pokemon Are Now Legal In Newest Game

Paradox Pokemon will now be allowed in tournament battles for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

By Jason Collins | Published


Record-breaking Pokemon Scarlet & Violet announced its respective their second Ranked Battle Series, bringing along a few interesting changes that are most likely to affect the way players approach ranked battles. Series 1, which ran from December 2nd to January 4th, just came to a conclusion, and players are already waiting with anticipation for the next Series to start. The new Series is bringing in the Paradox Pokemon, which is an ancient or future form of the animals we’re already familiar with, to the game, which is likely to affect the current most effective tactics available (meta) gameplay.

According to Destructoid, Paradox Pokemon will be officially allowed to participate in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Series 2 Ranked Battles scheduled to begin on February 1. This includes 14 new endgame monsters with nearly legendary base stats and powerful abilities, and even a single one has the ability to change the meta gameplay completely. So, it’s safe to assume that their inclusion in the game is likely to send ripples throughout the competitive Pokemon gaming scene. Sadly, the inclusion of Paradox Pokemon is where this list ends.

Tera Raid exclusive Pokemon, like Charizard and Cinderace, are still inaccessible for Ranked Battles, and the same applies to Ruinous Quartet and Legendary Pokemon. With that said, adding Paradox Pokemon is likely to cause gamers to develop and adapt to different gaming strategies, and Pokemon that previously had very little use in a competitive setting may even become valuable assets in countering the newly introduced threats. Just like with other high-value acquisitions, Paradox Pokemon will also be version exclusive.

paradox pokemon

In Pokemon Scarlet, players will have the opportunity to encounter the ancient versions of modern Pokemon, while in Violet, they’ll have the opportunity to find the same creatures but in their future form. Of course, what makes these so valuable is their power, but that also means that they’re exceptionally difficult to find, battle, and capture, so owning one will be a true testament to the player’s skill. Though these concepts may sound silly to non-Pokemon gamers, these evolutions are quite loved among the fandom, and their addition to the competitive scene is welcomed.

The welcoming sentiment is particularly strong among the top competitive players who are looking to perfect their gameplay, and even mid-tier and low-tier competitors, as well as non-battlers, are looking forward to this release. It’s going to be incredibly fun to watch how these fit into high-end play. As we previously stated, the addition of these is likely to inspire a new playstyle and breathe new life into some neglected Pokemon, whose otherwise useless skills may find new use in combating new threats.

Both Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are highly praised for their open-world setting, vibrant colors, and addictive gameplay, despite the numerous glitches at launch and the fact that the game wasn’t really up to par at launch, prompting Nintendo to do the unthinkable—grant refunds for the game. Still, they are often cited as the most entertaining games in the last decade, and they’re likely to become even more entertaining with the new Pokemon entering the battlegrounds.