Pokemon Fans Are Obsessed With A New Evolution For A Bizarre Reason

Pokemon players feel Quaxly's final form is very physically attractive.

By Jason Collins | Published

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which sport a wild number of campaigns, are approaching their release date, and The Pokemon Company decided to celebrate the upcoming release by sharing the games’ final trailers. This was quickly followed by a massive leak that ended up revealing every Pokemon’s evolution ranging from starters to Legendries. However, it would seem that internet fans of the upcoming Pokemon games are particularly enthusiastic about the third evolution of the beloved white duckling, Quaxly and that it supposedly looks as though it has beautifying filters.

Pokemon Quaxly

According to Kotaku, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet fans are outright thirsting for Quaxly’s third evolution and its final form, the Quaquaval — a bipedal bird that looks like someone took a Pokemon evolution and applied a ton of FaceApp beautifying filters. More interestingly, the sentiments towards Quaxly’s final form are now being readily shared across the internet, with fans in utter disbelief regarding the amount of Gluteus Maximus this flamboyant bird is flaunting around. In fact, the game isn’t even out yet, and there’s already a ton of fan art and memes about the Pokemon’s tushy.

The leak also included the various Paradox Pokemon that the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet had already showcased, and fans were particularly thrilled to see the Paradox Salamance and Paradox Tyrantir, now called Roaring Moon and Iron Thorns. Besides those, the leak also revealed Fuecoco’s and Smoliv’s middle-stage evolutions. However, this reminds us of a God of War Ragnarok leak that happened right before the game’s release, which took Twitter by storm and brought unwanted spoilers to anyone unlucky enough to scroll through their feed.

With everything said, the aforementioned is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to leaks; more details were revealed when players got their hands on Pokemon Scarlet ROM with the full game available. Data miners wasted no time going through the game’s files and soon disclosed all the abilities, moves, returning Pokemon, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters, including the aforementioned and adored Quaxly.

Fuecoco’s starter evolutions were leaked first, revealing both the middle and final stages of its evolutions. Its final form in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, Skeledirge, is a four-legged fiery crocodile with flames bursting from the sides of its mouth, which is a significant change from its adorable bi-pedal starter evolution. However, Quaxly’s evolutions are the most consistent among all, and the Pokemon retains its bird-like appearance through the evolutions. For example, its second stage, Quaxwell, is bigger than the starter form but carries a strong resemblance to dancing figures.

This is then picked up by its third and final evolution, which takes the whole appearance to the next level. Its whole appearance, along with its name, is a reference to a carnival, which served as a sort of inspiration for its powerful dance-like moves. And while each of the Pokemon reveled in the leak shine in their own right, Quaxly’s final form was the one that garnered the most attention — so it’s probably going to be a cosplay attraction at the very first upcoming conventions.